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Social audit not only increases accountability and transparency but also facilitates good governance. Discuss. Also, highlight the challenges with the institutionalisation of social audits in India.

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Social audit not only increases accountability and transparency but also facilitates good governance. Discuss. Also, highlight the challenges with the institutionalisation of social audits in India.

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Social audit not only increases accountability and transparency but also facilitates good governance. Discuss. Also, highlight the challenges with the institutionalisation of social audits in India.

Social audit is a process in which details of the resources both financial and non financial, used by public agencies for development initiatives are shared with the people, often through the public platform . social audit allow people to enforce accountability and transparency providing the ultimate users with an opportunity to scrutinize development initiatives . Social auditing creates an impact upon governance .it values the voice of stakeholders including the poor groups whoes voice are rarely herad . Social auditing is taken upon for the purpose of enhancing local governance , particularly for strengthening accountability and transparency in local bodies 

Objectives of social audit                                      1. Assessing the physical and financial gaps between needs and resources available for local development.                                                2. Creating awareness among beneficiaries and providers of local social and productive services.                                                                3. Increasing efficacy and effectiveness of local development programs                                4. Scrutiny of various policy decisions keeping in view stakeholders intrest and priorities particularly of rural poor.                                      5. Estimations of the opportunity cost for stakeholders of not getting timely access to public service

Advantages of social audit                                  1. Encourages local democracy.                          2. Encourages community participation.          3. Benefits disadvantaged groups.                      4. Promotes collective decision making and sharing responsibilities. 

However the institutionalisation of social audit faces certain challenges in india such as.         1. Social audit units including village social audit facilitates continue to face resistance and intimidation and find it difficult to even access primary resources for verification.        2. People's participation has been minuscule due to the lack of education awareness and capacity building among the common masses 3. There is an absence of an independent agency to investigate and act on social audit finding 






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social audit is a way of measuring, understanding, reporting and ultimately improving an organization's social and ethical performance

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Social audit is the verification of the processes,procedures of the organisation.Also,whether the funds allocated for the schemes and programmed have been used to achieve the intended purpose or not.Social audits,if done effectively,could guide the future policies and schemes of the government .This,in return is going to benefit the vulnerable sections of the society via inclusion,equitable distribution of resources and attaining the SDG's

Need of Social Audit arises as it promotes transparency by reducing corruption. It encourages public participation in governance.
It also reduces the wastage of public resources and ensure the money granted for schemes such as MNREGA is used efficiently.

Challenges faced by social audit institutions:

1) lack of digitalisation of files. This in turn leads to manipulation of data in favour of governments who intend to hide their irregular spendings.

2) Bias behaviour in order to earn political favour.

3) Scope of Social Audits have not been clearly defined.

Social audits,if performed effectively,can help in making future policies more robust to make the nation soon join the league of developed nations.

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a social audit is a way of measuring, reporting and improving an organisation's performance holding it socially accountable. it helps increase effeciency and effectiveness of an organisation. 

1. improving governance by making the government responsible and answerable for their decisions

2. it increases the transparency in the transactions and makes the transactor liable for his decisions

3.socially it can help in better implementation of policies and amp down the various social indifferences

4. the powers of the representative should be understandable. this is made possible through the social audits

5. it certainly does reduce curroption and helps in understanding the smooth cash flow

challenges faced:

1. political pressure

2. maintainence of huge records is a bit difficult

3. the awareness among the people regarding this is to its bare minimum, which makes it difficult for the government to cater to the needs of its citizens

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 Social audit is the examination and assesment of a programme ot scheme conducted with active involvement of people and comparing official records with actual ground realities.

In this , they verify the official records with local people like  gram sabha ,to know the real truth. 

Also it may also possible that people of gram sabha don't know the official or government terms. So , for that there is social audit unit.


This unit train some people of gram sabha so that they can know about official, political and government terms , their meaning so that they can easily match the data , understand the complete document and if there are are some errors or fault in that , they can let them know.


1. It creates transparency in decision making and let people know about their rights.

2  If followed effectively, it helps in decreasing corruption and poverty level in the country.

3. It helps in effective implementation of a scheme given by government.


CAG and ministry of rural development have decided the standards of social audit in our country.

Also we have NIRD and panchayati raj to check if the standards and rules given are followed on ground level or not.


1. No independence of social audit. Some SAUs  have to obtain sanction from implementation agency before spending fund.

2. Don't have adequate staff to cover all the panchayats even once in a year.

3. More than half of the states have not followed the open process specified in the standards for appointment of SAUs director.

4. No adequate disciplinary action against people responsible for irregularities.

5. Lacks of funds.Social audit of the many schemes  have failed to take off due to lack of funds.












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