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With over two decades of experience, Plutus IAS has played a pivotal role in shaping numerous aspirants into esteemed officers of the Indian government. Our impressive track record of producing UPSC CSE rankers positions us as the leading choice for those seeking the best IAS coaching in Meerut. We provide comprehensive guidance and mentorship, ensuring aspirants are well-prepared to crack the exam. Our expertise extends beyond the preliminary and mains stages, as we also provide mentorship for the interview stage. At Plutus IAS, we offer a complete package of support and preparation, empowering aspirants to excel in all aspects of the UPSC CSE examination.


At Plutus IAS, we take pride in our exceptional faculty comprising subject experts and accomplished alumni from prestigious institutions such as JNU, BHU, DU, IIT, and more. Our commitment to maintaining an excellent faculty is integral to our pursuit of being recognized as the best coaching institute in India. We prioritize the selection of highly knowledgeable educators who bring their expertise and experience to the classroom. This emphasis on having an outstanding faculty forms a crucial foundation that sets us apart and ensures top-quality education and guidance for our students.

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The Civil Service Examination is an annual, All-India level competitive examination held by UPSC. This exam aims to produce the best candidates for one of India's most respected services, Civil Services. It evaluates a candidate's character traits, including their capacity for hard effort, perseverance, interaction, memorisation, intensity, emphasis, planning, and dedication to an assigned objective.
You must meet the Eligibility Criteria, Clear the Civil Services Examination, Start your Preparation, and Choose an Optional Subject. Becoming an IAS or IPS officer requires hard work, dedication, and determination. With proper guidance and preparation, you can achieve your goal of becoming an IAS or IPS officer.
Yes, Coaching provides structured guidance, study material, and a framework for preparation, which can be beneficial for candidates who are new to the examination pattern and syllabus.

Available Courses for IAS Coaching – in Meerut

Sr. Types of Courses and Features
1. 1 Year Batch (Prelims + Mains + Interview Preparation)
2. 2 Year Batch
3. 3 Year Batch
4. Unlimited Batch
5. All India Prelims Test Series (40+ Tests)
6. All India Reference Book Test Series (22 Tests)
7. All India NCERT Test Series (16 Tests)
8. All India Current Affairs Test Series (12 Tests)
9. Personal Mentorship Programme
10. Daily Answer Writing Practice
11. Optional Subjects Classes (Anthropology, PSIR, Sociology, Geography, Philosophy etc. )
12. Mock Interview Preparation (By Ex-UPSC Board Members)
13. Complete Study Material in Hard Copy
1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year & Unlimited Batch includes: Prelims + Mains + Interview Preparation + Study Material in Hard Copy + All India NCERT Test Series + All India Reference Book Test Series + All India Prelims Test Series + Daily Answer Writing Practice + Current Affairs Monthly Magazines + Personal Mentorship Programme.

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    Affordable IAS Coaching Fee Structure in Meerut


    The cost of Plutus IAS coaching programs in Meerut can change depending on a number of variables, including the course length, the caliber of the instructors, the format of the coaching (online, offline, or hybrid), and the institute’s location. A full-time classroom education typically costs Rs. 120,000. The cost of online lessons is approximately Rs. 1 lakh, and that of hybrid sessions can range up to Rs. 140,000.


    Our Methodology

    Free Mentorship Programs:

    Plutus IAS consistently conducts inspirational sessions and mentorship workshops. Plutus IAS aims to finish the curriculum on time and emphasize each IAS applicant's progress from all perspectives.

    Mock Interview Sessions:

    Our expert faculties include ex-bureaucrats, former UPSC top officers, old alums, and retired IPS and IAS officers. We perform mock interview sessions & provide recorded copies to aspirants for self-assessment & progress.

    Inclusive Test Series:

    UPSC aspirants can get the advantages of the well-crafted Plutus IAS Test Series to facilitate their civil service exam preparation. Our test series contains authentic methods for revising and evaluating UPSC exam preparation.

    Small Batch Strength

    Scholars in the small batch get highly personalized consideration, engagement, tailored guidance, lesser disturbance and boosted participation. It is a fruitful academic practice for the UPSC exam.

    Veteran Faculty Members

    The backbone of the Plutus IAS is its veteran faculty team with years of proficiency in delivering successful mentorship to UPSC candidates. Faculty profoundly recognize the UPSC exam format & curriculum to help candidates for better preparation.

    Comprehensive Exam Coverage:

    Plutus IAS has designed effective teaching techniques that entail fruitful exam preparation. Our mentorship covers the UPSC syllabus and pattern for candidates. Our guidance method supports aspirants in profound knowledge of the exam syllabus & format.

    Our Toppers

    Unique Features:- in Meerut Center

    • face to face offline classes.
    • Online classes available in real time.
    • batches of 25-30 aspirants only
    • Interactive classes
    • Teachers /mentors from delhi
    • Practice of previous year question
    • Weekly test for pre/mains exam.
    • Mock tests
    • Complete tests.
    • Evaluation & personal guidance.
    • Foundation courses for 2nd years are also available in offline/online & hybrid mode.

    Why IAS Aspirants Trust Coaching In Meerut For UPSC


    Uttar Pradesh is the state where most UPSC rankers come from. Meerut is one of the cities in UP that has contributed many officers to UP. This being one of the reasons, let us discuss more below:


    Meerut’s Legacy of Producing Rankers: Meerut has a rich history of nurturing successful UPSC CSE rankers, with Uttar Pradesh being a state known for producing a significant number of IAS officers, including 717 as of 2015.


    Proximity to Delhi: The city’s close proximity to Delhi, the capital of India, makes it an attractive choice for IAS aspirants as it provides easy access to resources, study materials, and guidance from renowned institutes and experts.


    Thriving Community of Aspirants: Meerut attracts a large number of like-minded IAS aspirants, creating an environment that fosters healthy competition, knowledge sharing, and peer support, thus enhancing the learning experience.


    Mentorship from UPSC CSE Rankers: With a significant number of past UPSC CSE rankers hailing from Meerut, aspiring candidates benefit from the mentorship and guidance offered by these experienced individuals, providing valuable insights and strategies for success.


    Best IAS Coaching Institutes: Meerut houses some of the best IAS coaching institutes, known for their comprehensive and quality coaching programs, ensuring aspirants receive the necessary guidance and preparation for the UPSC CSE examination.


    Access to Top Study Materials: The availability of top-notch study materials in Meerut further enhances the learning experience for IAS aspirants, providing them with well-curated resources and reference materials to aid their exam preparation.


    Factors That Make Plutus IAS As The Best IAS Coaching In Meerut


    Plutus IAS is a popular choice for UPSC CSE aspirants and that is due to many factors . Let us discuss some of the points that make Plutus IAS the best civil services coaching in Meerut.


    Proven Toppers Legacy: Plutus IAS has a strong track record of producing successful UPSC CSE toppers, showcasing their expertise and effectiveness in guiding aspirants towards achieving top ranks.


    Best Available Study Materials: Plutus IAS offers high-quality study materials that are comprehensive, well-structured, and updated, providing students with the necessary resources to cover the vast UPSC syllabus.


    Regular Test Series: The institute conducts regular test series, including both mains and prelims, allowing students to assess their progress, identify areas of improvement, and develop effective exam strategies.


    24*7 Teachers Available: Plutus IAS ensures round-the-clock availability of teachers, allowing students to seek guidance, clarify doubts, and receive personalized support whenever needed.


    Small-Sized Batches: With small batch sizes, Plutus IAS ensures individual attention and personalized mentoring for each student, fostering an optimal learning environment and facilitating better understanding of concepts.


    Interview Preparation with Top Bureaucrats: Plutus IAS goes beyond written exams and provides specialized interview preparation, offering aspirants the opportunity to practice and receive guidance from experienced bureaucrats, enhancing their performance in the interview stage.


    Different Study Modes to choose From: Plutus IAS offers flexibility in teaching modes, allowing students to opt for online, offline, or hybrid modes based on their preferences and convenience.


    Top-Class Faculty: Plutus IAS boasts a highly qualified and experienced faculty team, consisting of subject experts and alumni from renowned institutions, ensuring students receive top-notch education and guidance.


    Advanced Infrastructure: The institute provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, equipped with modern facilities and resources, creating an optimal learning environment for students.


    Holistic Approach: Plutus IAS adopts a comprehensive and holistic approach to UPSC exam preparation, encompassing all stages of the examination and providing students with the necessary guidance and support to excel in their journey towards becoming civil servants.