NCERT Course

NCERT – Basics Foundation Batch for UPSC Civil Services Exam

NCERT is considered Back Bone of the UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. NCERTs provide very basic understanding and knowledge of the UPSC syllabus. Hence NCERT reading and learning is the first step of UPSC Exam preparation. NCERT build strong base of General Studies. Reading and learning of NCERT is essential and necessary for every UPSC exam aspirant. All the qualified aspirants have said this time and again that they meticulously study NCERT books and stressed on the importance of NCERT books not only for UPSC Civil Services Exam but also for all state PCS exams. To realize the dream of becoming a Civil Servant, all aspiring candidates need to take the first step towards CSE by laying a strong base of NCERT. Our Course is specially designed for comprehensive and precise coverage of complete NCERT relevant to the UPSC Exam. To become an IAS Officer is the dream of every Civil Service aspirant and to crack Civil Service Exam in the very first attempt, one should have in-depth knowledge and understanding of General Studies from basics to advance.

Course Structure :

Discussion & Understanding of Basics And Doubt Clearance.
Developing Answer Writing Techniques & Skills.
Revision & Assessment On Regular Basis through Test Series.

Course Duration :

Online & Offline Duration of Course 6-7 Months.

Importance of NCERT Basics Foundation Course:

  • All beginners of the UPSC preparation can understand the exam syllabus and start preparation from basics.
  • NCERT books help in building base of the General Studies.
  • Reading and Learning of NCERT books inculcate a habit of study.
  • Initiating preparation from the basics helps in building confidence.
  • As per the current trend of UPSC exam, the exam paper consists of many questions directly from NCERT books.
  • NCERT Books are written by eminent authors and senior scholars with extensive research and study.
  • NCERT books proved to be beneficial in every stage of UPSC Civil Services Exam be it Prelims, Mains or Interview.
  • All the students who have cleared the UPSC exam insist on in-depth study of NCERT books.
  • Study of NCERT books is beneficial not only for the UPSC Exam but also for the State PCS Exam.
  • Knowledge of NCERT books is also beneficial in the field of work as a Civil Servant.

Course Overview:

  • Course is guided by the Senior Faculty members of the Institute.
  • Course covers all the topics of NCERT as per the syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • Course focuses on proper understanding of basic concepts and practice questions.
  • Course includes study of History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, Science & Tech,Environment & Ecology and Indian Society.
  • Course includes regular discussion on current events.
  • Course includes regular analysis of major Newspapers – The Hindu, The Indian Express.
  • Course focuses on comprehensive and concise coverage of the UPSC syllabus.
  • Course focuses on conceptual clarity and developing analytical skills.
  • Course includes regular interaction with Toppers and Senior Officers of the Government of India to boost confidence.
  • Audio-visuals, PowerPoint presentations and other interactive modes of learning.
Course Fee :

NCERT Course Fee: ₹30,000 + 18% GST.

Syllabus :

Complete Syllabus of Prelims & Mains (NCERT Only) Medium of course.