Plutus IAS Unique UPSC Prelims Test Series for effortless Preparation. 

Relevance Of Mock Test Series

For the preparation of UPSC or any other exam, the Mock test Series stands for the most important aspect of self-evaluation for all aiming to crack the Civil Services successfully. 

With the evolution of UPSC CSE Prelims, it becomes important to reorganize the strategies and with the changing time for the exam. We, at Plutus IAS, launch the Prelims Test Series with our successful experience of training and giving gold-dusted results with unique methodology to amplify the skills of the students to through with the Prelims Examination.  

PI- Test Series – USP: It will technically provide the deep analysis of the syllabus with a scientific approach to revise and plan the entire portions (Current Situation & Past Scenarios).

We ensure our students get the best guidance and enhancement to handle any pressure ahead at UPSC Examination.

Prelims UPSC CSE Test Series at PI’s is like:

  • The MCQ Based Questions and Answers will be given to cover the entire syllabus of UPSC comprehensively.
  • The Questions are based on nature- Factual, Concept-based, which will be equally given in each of the test papers. 
  • Sectional tests have been designed in such a manner that students can cover each subject thoroughly and also practice self-evaluation activity.
  • All the candidate’s performance analysis, Sectional analysis, difficulty analysis, Mock test Papers analysis will be provided to the students regularly.

Importance Of UPSC Mock Test Series

Online Mock Test Series is designed with an aim to assess the acquired knowledge of students for their better performance to reach for the finals with the best assessment of themselves.

  • Focus on Time Management
  • Become conceptual in lesser time
  • To set an aim for yourself
  • It increases your confidence and boosts it for the final examination day.
  • Proper analysis of your performance.