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Plutus IAS provides the Best Coaching for Chemistry Optional for UPSC. Learn about its key factors and more.

Chemistry Optional UPSC Coaching (Plutus IAS)

Chemistry Optional | Chemistry Optional UPSC Coaching

The UPSC Exam is held annually in India, with many hopeful aspirants appearing for the exam yearly. Moreover, the exam consists of three stages Prelims, Main, and Personality Test. Additionally, in the Main exam, an Optional subject is provided to the students where they can choose any 1 Subject from the 48 Optional Subjects offered by the UPSC. Chemistry is one of the optional subjects Aspirants can choose.
Chemistry optional in UPSC examinations provides aspirants with a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to understanding various aspects of chemistry. This optional subject is chosen by candidates with a background or interest in chemistry. Moreover, it comprises of topics such as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry.

Plutus IAS provides the Best Coaching for Chemistry Optional for UPSC

Opting for chemistry as an optional subject in UPSC exams demands rigorous preparation. Aspirants must master fundamental concepts, solve numerical problems, and analyze chemical reactions. Plutus IAS has the best faculty for Chemistry Optional UPSC Coaching.
Plutus IAS stands out as the premier coaching institute for Chemistry Optional, spearheaded by the renowned faculty, Dr. Keshav Kumar. With a conducive batch size of 40-50 students, Plutus IAS employs effective pedagogy centered around doubt clearing and notes giving.
The institute’s online infrastructure allows unlimited access to classes until the end of the batch, facilitating flexible learning. Plutus IAS takes pride in the stellar performance of its students, who have not only cracked the UPSC exam but also express high satisfaction with the coaching.
Former students laud Plutus IAS for its unwavering focus on the quality of study materials, emphasizing the institute’s commitment to providing comprehensive and top-notch resources. With reasonable fee structures, including Rs. 50,000 for offline, Rs. 45,000 for online, and Rs. 55,000 for hybrid courses (inclusive of GST), Plutus IAS ensures accessibility and excellence in IAS coaching for Chemistry Optional aspirants.

Faculty for Chemistry Optional UPSC Coaching

Dr. Keshav Kumar of Plutus IAS stands as the epitome of excellence in teaching Chemistry Optional for UPSC aspirants. With a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Punjab University Chandigarh and an M.Sc. from the same institution, Dr. Kumar possesses a solid academic foundation. His expertise extends to practical applications, with specialized training in X-ray Crystallography from CSIR NCL lab (Pune) and Computational Chemistry from IIT Kanpur.
As a dedicated educator, Dr. Kumar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his students. His teaching methodology is renowned for its clarity, depth, and ability to simplify complex chemical concepts. Under Dr. Kumar’s guidance, students benefit from comprehensive preparation, personalized strategies, and hands-on learning experiences.
With his impressive credentials and commitment to excellence, Dr. Keshav Kumar emerges as the best choice for aspirants seeking to excel in Chemistry Optional for UPSC examinations at Plutus IAS.

Online & Hybrid Features of Plutus IAS

Plutus IAS extends an Online facility, catering to aspirants seeking distance learning, ensuring widespread access to quality education. This mode, featuring PDF Notes, live, and recorded lectures, proves invaluable for remote learners across India. Additionally, Plutus IAS offers a Hybrid mode, providing flexibility by combining offline and online coaching seamlessly. This hybrid approach optimizes students’ time management, offering the benefits of both modes effectively. Thus, aspiring IAS candidates can leverage Plutus IAS’s top-notch online and hybrid modes to pursue their exam preparation efficiently.

Fee Structure of Plutus IAS | Chemistry Optional UPSC Coaching

Fee Structure for Chemistry Optional:

  • Offline Fees: Rs. 50,000 (Incl. GST)
  • Online Fees: Rs. 45,000 (Incl. GST)
  • Hybrid Fees: Rs. 55,000 (Incl. GST)

Plutus IAS

Factors Qualities
Faculty Dr. Keshav Kumar
Batch Size 40-50
Pedagogy Doubt Clearing, Notes Giving
Infrastructure of online facility It allows unlimited access of its classes to the end of the batch.
Performance of students Students are well satisfied and cracked the UPSC exam.
Feedback from former students Students of this institute said that this institute primarily focuses on the quality of study materials.
Offline Fees Rs. 50,000 (Incl. GST)
Online Fees Rs. 45,000 (Incl. GST)
Hybrid Fees Rs. 55,000 (Incl. GST)
Website Plutus IAS
Address Apsara Arcade, Basement 8, Gate No. – 6, Metro Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Phone Number 8448440231
Mode Online, Offline, Hybrid
Google Direction Link Google Map Link