Telugu Optional Coaching in Delhi

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination is one of the most coveted examinations in the country. Every year aspirants take the exam in hopes of clearing it. In the second stage of the examination (Mains), The candidates are asked to choose an optional subject for two papers and in that scenario, the option of a good optional enhances the preparation level of the aspirants. Telugu Literature optional UPSC coaching is one of the most sought-after optional subjects for the aspirants. Moreover, Plutus IAS provides the Best Telugu Optional Coaching in Delhi.

Telugu optional coaching in Delhi (Plutus IAS)

Telugu optional coaching in Delhi (Plutus IAS)

TELUGU LITERATURE OPTIONAL SUBJECT | Best Telugu optional coaching in Delhi

The Telugu literature optional consists of two papers. Paper 1 and Paper 2. The paper 1 syllabus has further two sections. Section A encompasses an exploration of the language’s evolution, examining the influences of diverse factors and other languages on its development. Telugu grammar, dialects, and translation processes. Additionally, it surveys the rich history of literature, spanning various schools of writing and genres. Major works by esteemed Telugu authors constitute an integral part of the curriculum.

The place of Telugu among Dravidian languages and its antiquity. The evolution of Telugu Literature and modernization, literary movements syntax, and translation. Section B consists of Literature in Pre Nannaya period Marga and Desi poetry. Nannaya period. Saiva poets and their contribution. Evolution of prabandhas- Kavya and Prabandha.

Modern Telugu Literature and its literary forms. The main division of folk , feminist and dalit literature. In Paper 2 answers must be written in Telugu. The paper requires first hand reading of the prescribed texts and is designed to test the candidate’s critical ability, which will be in relation to the aesthetic approach and the Sociological, Historical, Ideological, Psychological approaches.

The Choosing of Telugu literature optional coaching in Delhi is very crucial in securing a good rank in the final ranking list. Telugu Literature is an excellent choice for securing good marks in the mains examination. The Telugu optional syllabus stands out from other literature options by its emphasis on addressing various literary challenges inherent to the language, alongside the critical analysis of specific literary works.


Yadagiri K is one of the most experienced faculty/ counselors of Telugu Literature. The counselor has vast experience in the UPSC examination. He has given 7 UPSC CSE Mains examinations in the optional subject and has also appeared in the final stage of the UPSC CSE Interview.  has academic achievements and exemplifies dedication and passion for the subject. He brings in a lot of experience as well as mentorship in the process of answer writing. The Telugu optional coaching in Delhi notes will be available to the aspirants and practice of answer writing will be done regularly under the counselor.


The live lectures and recordings are available even if the students have missed their lectures. The Online query resolution is done by the subject matter experts effectively. Plutus IAS provides one of the best online infrastructure for Telugu Literature Optional.

It facilitates the remote students as well as the working aspirants to attend classes from any place. Plutus IAS ensures a Hybrid mode of learning with all the required infrastructure. The faculty is also committed to ensuring that the doubt resolution in hybrid mode is also timely. The test series and mock answers are uploaded to the portal for convenience.

Fee Structure of Telugu Literature Optional at Plutus IAS:

  • Offline Fee: Rs. 60,000 (incl. GST)
  • Online Fee: Rs. 55,000 (incl. GST)
  • Hybrid Fee: Rs. 65,000 (incl. GST)


Factors Qualities of the Coaching
Counselor  Yadagiri K
Batch Size 30 – 40 Students
Teaching style at coaching Interactive, Notes Giving.
Good infrastructure of online facility It allows unlimited access to its classes to the end of the batch.
Performance of students Most of the students cracked the UPSC exam.
Feedback from past students Past students said that this institute provides the best study material from their best faculty members.
Offline Fees Rs. 50,000 (incl. GST)
Online Fees Rs. 45,000 (incl. GST)
Hybrid Fees Rs. 55,000 (incl. GST)
Website Plutus IAS
Address Apsara Arcade, Basement 8, Gate no. – 6, Metro Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Phone Number 8448440231
Mode Online, Offline & Hybrid
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