UPSC Optional Test Series

Optional Test Series

The optional paper is a critical component of the UPSC CSE Mains examination. You will need to take two optional exams, each worth 250 marks. It is important to choose an optional subject that you are familiar with and that you are passionate about. You must make sure that the optional subject you are selecting must align with your aspiration and interest. A noble and effective mentorship is decisive when you want success in optional subject preparation. Plutus IAS developed significant optional test series to make UPSC preparation efficient and fruitful. If you perform consistent practice with our optional test series, it helps you ace in the civil services examination.

Plutus IAS prepares aspirants for the UPSC CSE exam. There are many reasons why you should choose the Mains Optional Test series from us. Our test series includes:

● We provide 8 sectional and 4 full length test practice papers.
● Our faculty member assess all papers .
●  We conduct routine test series to confirm consistent practice and development.
● The test series include 1-on-1 discussions with mentors and peers for valuable feedback and guidance.
● The test series is competitive and resembling the nature of the UPSC CSE exam.
● Our test series simulates the actual exam conditions and difficulty level.
● The test series materials are regularly updated to align with the latest syllabus and exam pattern, ensuring that you have access to relevant and up-to-date content.

Optional Subjects Online Fees Offline Fees Hybrid Fees
PSIR 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
History 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Geography 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Anthropology 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Public Administration 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Sociology 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Philosophy 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Law 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Economics 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Mathematics 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-
Physics 14,160/- 17,700/- 21,240/-