In this article, there are details about UPSC and it’s exam like what it is and how to prepare for it etc. I hope you will get some help from this.

  • Union Public Service Commission
  • Introduction to UPSC CSE
  • Preparation for the UPSC CSE

Union Public Service Commission

It is a commission which conducts exams and appointments for the All India Services and also for the Central Agency’s Group A and Group B. It is a 93 year old Agency formed on 1 October 1926. It is directly linked to the government and also consults with it regarding certain matters like transfer, appointments, discipline etc. It also is able to advice the government on various issues through the president and this advice is not mandatory for the government to follow. Although it is among the very few institutions in India that can work with full freedom and independence. The headquarters of this commission are in Dholpur house which is in New Delhi. One of the most known exam of this commission is the UPSC civil services exam.

Introduction to UPSC CSE

It is one of the most difficult exams in India to crack and is conducted by the UPSC. This exam is for the recruitment in the Civil Services of the government of India that include various services like Indian Administrative Services ( IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS), Indian Railway Services ( IRS) etc. This exam has three parts – prelims, mains and interview round. The prelims consist of two papers that are general studies paper 1 and paper 2. It is also known as Civil Service Test ( CSAT). These papers are both objective type. The main exam has nine papers that are in a form of essay. The two of them are qualifying exams and marks of the other seven are counted. Then there is the interview round in which the personality of the candidate is checked. The prelims is of 2 hours and the mains is of 3 hours. This exam is conducted only once an year and the number of attempts for general category are 6 only. The OBC ones can attempt 9 times and the number of attempts for SC, ST are unlimited. The paper is conducted in two languages- Hindi and English. Every year lakhs of students attempt to crack the exam but the qualification rate for this exam is only 0.1 percent. The prelims are held in June and the results are announced in August. Then the mains are held in October and it’s results come in January. The final round, Interview is held in March and it’s results which are the final ones, come in May. Then the training starts in September.

In UPSC CSE 2019 Plutus IAS has Given Maximum Selection the IAS Exam. Out of 80 students, 43 have cracked the IAS Exam.

Preparation for the UPSC CSE

UPSC exam is one of the toughest exam and it requires a lot of hard work and preparation to be able to crack the exam. It is really a great deal to be able to come in the 0.1 percent category of lakhs of students. You need to prepare with a lot of dedication and consistency. Many toppers and intelligent students are not able to clear the exam in their first attempt and sometimes it is obvious to get demotivated. Some of the students do not even try for their next attempt and they give up so easily. But it is not right as sometimes you just do not get achievement in your first try and you should keep trying. Many UPSC toppers have achieved this after their number of attempts. You need a good support system and also need to keep motivating yourself by reminding the reason you want to join civil services. At first, you should focus on the NCERTs of 6th to 12th and revise it again and again as it will make a solid base for your preparation and understanding will be easier. Also keep your sources limited and the syllabus concise. As UPSC exam has a vast syllabus, too many sources can confuse and stress you. Read a newspaper daily for a minimum of one hour and stay up to date with the current affairs. Proper strategy is really important and you should make your time table with flexibility that includes small breaks. Also, keeping your mental and physical health is really important so that you can focus properly and perform well. And all you need to do is work hard with motivation and you will definitely achieve your goal.

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