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Sociology Optional | Best Sociology Optional Optional Coaching in Delhi

The UPSC CSE test consists of three stages: the Preliminary, Main, and Personality Test. Moreover, one of the optional papers on the main exam is sociology. Sociology is the study of human behaviour and its consequences, as well as social interactions, human relationships, and human society. It also highlights the various aspects of culture and how they impact our daily lives. In order to successfully complete the Sociology Optional paper, students must also improve their writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, sociology optional is one of the most popular courses in the UPSC Main test. The optional paper carries 500 marks in total, 250 for the first and second papers. A popular elective picked by UPSC CSE high scorers during the UPSC main exam is sociology. Moreover, Plutus IAS is the most well-known coaching facility for Sociology Optional Subject.

Best Teacher for Sociology Optional | Best Sociology Optional Coaching

Dr. Huma Hassan is the Best Teacher for Sociology Optional. Additionally, she graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University with an M.Phil and a Ph.D. In addition to this, she was given a lectureship after passing the National Eligibility Test in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Moreover, She also received a gold medal from Jamia University for being the Sociology Master Topper in 2010. She is currently working as a Senior Faculty of Sociology & Anthropology at Plutus IAS Coaching Institute which is renowned for Best Sociology Optional Coaching in Delhi. Along with this, her expertise in Sociology and Anthropology is well known. She has attended a great deal of workshops and conferences. She has worked with multiple respectable coaching institutions and has more than seven years of expertise instructing UPSC applicants. Dr. Huma Hassan is one of the Best faculty of Optional Sociology and Anthropology.

Plutus IAS | Best Sociology Optional Coaching in Delhi

Plutus IAS is one of the prominent Coaching Institute for Sociology Optional. Plutus IAS has over 2 decades of experience in the UPSC CSE field. Additionally, the coaching institute has well-qualified and experienced faculties like Dr. Huma Hassan, Dr. Bijendra Jha and more. Moreover, Dr. Huma Hassan is one of the Best Teacher for Sociology Optional at Plutus IAS. In addition to this, for better clarity for students, the coaching institute keeps their batch size concise with 40-50 students. Along with this, it helps to facilitate better interaction between well-qualified and experienced faculties and to generate more clarity.
The study materials offered at Plutus IAS are created by knowledgeable faculty members who have focused on all the key areas of Sociology Optional. Besides, they are easy to read and succinct while still being pertinent to the most recent syllabus. These study materials make it simple for aspirants to acquire and comprehend difficult subjects. For a deeper comprehension, aspirants are also given access to reference materials like NCERT and PDF notes.


Plutus IAS one of the Best Sociology Optional Coaching in Delhi also offers top-class coaching through online and hybrid modes. Additionally, the UPSC CSE candidates who are not able to take Physical classes at Plutus IAS Coaching Institute can take the classes through their online mode.
However, the Plutus IAS coaching institute is renowned for its Hybrid coaching. Besides, this offers UPSC CSE candidates flexibility, Personalization, Accessibility, Adaptability, and more. Plutus IAS’s hybrid coaching provides an integrated approach to learning and development by combining in-person coaching with virtual interactions and online resources.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure of Sociology at Plutus IAS is as follows:
Offline Fee: Rs. 60,000 (Incl. GST)
Online Fee: Rs. 55,000 (Incl. GST)
Hybrid Fee: Rs. 65,000 (Incl. GST)

Plutus IAS | Best Sociology Optional Coaching in Delhi

Factors Plutus IAS
Faculty Dr. Huma Hassan
Batch Size 40-50
Teaching style at coaching Interactive and Notes giving
Good Infrastructure of Online Facility It allows unlimited access to its classes to the end of the batch.
Performance of students Many rank holders have cracked UPSC CSE.
Feedback from past students Past students said that this institute gives guidance in all aspects from every aspect and maintains a balance with teachers. Good teaching staff with conceptual teaching.
Offline Fees Rs. 60,000 (Incl. GST)
Online Fees Rs. 55,000 (Incl. GST)
Hybrid Fees Rs. 65,000 (Incl. GST)
Website Plutus IAS
Address Apsara Arcade, Basement 8, Gate No. – 6, Metro Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Phone Number 8448440231
Mode Online, Offline & Hybrid

FAQS of Sociology optional

Q.Why should you choose Sociology as an optional?

Sociology is one of the most chosen optional subjects out of 47 other subjects. Sociology has great importance in Prelims, GS Mains, and Ethics papers. Almost every year, questions from sociology can be seen dominating all the subjects in Prelims and GS Mains papers.

Additionally, Sociology is comparatively an easier subject to read as it deals with aspects of our everyday lives, like social interactions, culture, and institutions. This inherent familiarity makes grasping the concepts and theories more intuitive.

Q.What should be your plan of preparation regarding Sociology?

First, the candidate must read and analyze the UPSC Sociology syllabus. This should be followed by having a clear foundational knowledge of the subject. This can be done by choosing standard textbooks like Haralambos & Holborn, Ritzer, etc. After your basics are clear, you can move on to more comprehensive books. Answer Writing and making notes simultaneously are important to exam preparation. Candidates should practice their time management with the Test series. Also, keep yourself updated with current affairs; it can help refine your answers. Lastly, be consistent in your approach. 

Q.What materials should you refer to?

These materials you will need to excel in Sociology optional when preparing for the UPSC CSE exam-

  1.  Haralambos and Holborn (Blue book)
  2. Ritzer – Sociological Theory
  3. Social change in India by M.N. Srinivas
  4. Modernization of Indian Tradition by Yogendra Singh
  5. Plutus IAS Sociology Optional UPSC Printed Book By DR. HUMA HASSAN 
  6. Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan
  7. Previous Year UPSC CSE paper
  8. Plutus IAS Sociology Test Series

Q. What are the features of our optional course?

The optional course at Plutus IAS is a subscription of 4.5 months. Here you will get benefits like:

  1. Classroom/Offline/Hybrid classes
  2. Comprehensive Study Materials
  3. Weekly and monthly Current Affairs
  4. Personal Mentorship
  5. Test Series
  6. Answer Writing Guidance

Q.How will our Sociology optional course by Dr. Huma Hasan help you?

Plutus IAS offers personalized coaching to help students prepare for the UPSC exam. You can get closer to your goals with Dr. Huma Hassan’s guidance. Dr Huma Hassan, ex-faculty of JMI and an alumnus of JNU has a hold over subject like no one else. Her impeccable guidance and interesting teaching style will make your preparation easy. 

In Plutus IAS, we guarantee personalized attention from our best faculty members. With small batch sizes (40-50 students), it’s easier for candidates to follow the teacher’s guidance. We will help you clear your doubts and work with you to build conceptual clarity. Our experienced mentor will provide the best guidance tailored to your study pattern.



  • Daily Live Online Interactive Classes
  • Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner


  • Daily Classroom Classes
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner

Location Wise Mode of Availability

Location Mode Of Availablity
Delhi(Karol Bagh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Delhi(Mukharjee Nagar) Online
Chandigarh Offline, Online, Hybrid
Jehanabad (Bihar) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
All Over India Online