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Public Administration

UPSC CSE is one of the most prestigious examinations held in India. Moreover, it is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The Exam is conducted in three stages: The Prelims, The Main, and Interview. Furthermore, the Main Exam consists of an Optional Subject where students are allowed to choose 1 subject as their Optional Paper. Public Administration Optional is a prominent choice among the 48 subjects offered by UPSC.
It deals with topics like administrative theories, laws, organizational structures, Indian administration, financial administration, and the essence of Indian governance. Furthermore, it focuses on government regulations and their execution among the populace. Additionally, Public Administration Optional welcomes students from different academic backgrounds to select it as their optional subject in UPSC CSE. The Subject consists of two papers Paper 1 and Paper 2, both carrying 250 Marks, each tallying to 500 Marks.

Best Teacher for Public Administration | Best Public Administration Optional Coaching

Kanhaiya Jha is known for his expertise in Public Administration Optional. Additionally, he holds UGC-NET qualifications in Public Administration and has successfully cleared UPSC Main exams multiple times between 2009 and 2015. Furthermore, he has appeared for interviews in various prestigious examinations such as UPSC, BPSC, JPSC, and RPSC, and has also tackled main exams for MPPSC, UKPSC, and CGPSC.
However, his teaching methodology emphasizes clarity and comprehensive note-giving, simplifying concepts for students. In addition to this, with his guidance, aspirants can easily face the challenges of Public Administration Optional Exams confidently.

Plutus IAS provides the Best Coaching for Public Administration Optional UPSC

Plutus IAS is the Best Coaching for Public Administration, it needs vigorous preparation and it is the best choice for aspirants. Mr. Kanhaiya Jha is the teacher for Public Administration at Plutus IAS, with years of expertise, Sir brings a wealth of knowledge to share with the students. He attends to the queries of every student and makes sure all their doubts are cleared.
The batch size is kept small with a strength of 40-50 students to facilitate better communication between the teacher and the students. Moreover, this ensures that every student receives personalized attention and guidance. A small batch size also allows students to clear all their queries and doubts. The study materials provided at Plutus IAS are prepared by expert faculty with concentration and cover all the important topics of Public Administration. Moreover, they are concise yet relevant to the latest syllabus and are easy to understand. With the help of these study materials students can easily grasp and understand complex topics. Additionally, students are also provided with PDF Notes, and reference books like NCERT for a clearer understanding.

Online & Hybrid facility at Plutus IAS

Plutus IAS provides Online and Hybrid options for students who wish to do distance learning. Moreover, it cuts all the geographical barriers and helps students get the best education and guidance for Public Administration. The PDF Notes, video lectures, and live classes have proved to be very beneficial for students going for the Online Mode of learning. Moreover, the recorded lectures can be rewatched by the students for a better understanding. Furthermore, Hybrid mode is the best option for aspirants looking for flexibility and convenience. It allows students the benefits of both offline and online classes. Additionally, the Hybrid option is best for working aspirants who need time efficiency.

Fee Structure for Public Administration Optional

Fee Structure of Public Administration Optional at Plutus IAS:
Offline Fee: Rs. 60,000 (Incl. GST)
Online Fee: Rs. 55,000 (Incl. GST)
Hybrid Fee: Rs. 65,000 (Incl. GST)

Plutus IAS | Best Coaching for Public Administration

Factors Qualities
Faculty Mr. Kanhaiya Jha
Batch Strength 40-50
Pedagogy Notes Giving, Doubt Clearing
Infrastructure of online facility It allows unlimited access to its classes to the end of the batch.
Performance of students Many students cracked the UPSC exam.
Feedback from former students Past Students said that the classrooms are well furnished and the staff can solve students’ doubts.
Offline Fees Rs. 60,000 (incl. GST)
Online Fees Rs. 55,000 (incl. GST)
Hybrid Fees Rs. 65,000 (incl. GST)
Website Plutus IAS
Address Apsara Arcade, Basement 8, Gate No. – 6, Metro Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Phone Number 8448440231
Mode Online, Offline & Hybrid
Google Direction Link Google Map Link

FAQS of Public Administration optional

Q. Why should you choose Public Administration as an optional?

Public Administration is a highly relevant subject for aspirants preparing for the UPSC CSE exam. As it delves into the intricacies of social responsibility and civic engagement, it equips candidates aspiring to become IAS officers with the necessary skill set for the field.

Studying Public Administration hones critical thinking abilities, leadership and management expertise, and, most importantly, planning and policy analysis skills. Interestingly, some topics within Public Administration overlap with General Studies Paper II, offering an additional advantage. Its scoring potential and alignment with the personality test round further solidify its value as a chosen subject.

Q.What should be your plan of preparation regarding Public Administration?

Your preparation plan for Public Administration should ideally be spread over 3-4 months, though individual factors like study habits and subject familiarity can influence the timeline.

Start by thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the syllabus. Then, use NCERT books to gain a solid foundation in the subject. After this, delve into the key reference books for Public Administration. Pay attention to test series and past year question papers (PYQs). Solve questions after completing each topic to familiarize yourself with the potential exam format. Additionally, consistent newspaper reading can significantly enhance your performance.

Q. How will our Public Administration optional course by Mr. Kanhaiya Jha help you?

Mr. Kahnahiya Jha, a renowned Public Administration teacher in Delhi, has a remarkable track record. He has not only cleared the UPSC interview round with Public Administration as his optional subject but also has years of experience coaching UPSC aspirants. This combination of academic expertise and practical experience makes Mr. Jha the perfect mentor for aspiring UPSC CSE candidates who have chosen Public Administration as their optional subject.

In Plutus IAS, we guarantee personalized attention from our best faculty members. With small batch sizes (40-50 students), it’s easier for candidates to follow the teacher’s guidance. We will not only help you clear your doubts but also work with you to build conceptual clarity. Our experienced mentors will provide the best guidance tailored to your individual study pattern.

Q. What materials should you refer to?

To prepare Public Administration for UPSC, you can refer to:

  1. New Horizons of Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya
  2. Administration Thinkers by D. Ravindra Prasad.
  3. Public Administration in India: The Higher Civil Service by SR Maheshwari
  4. Plutus IAS Public Administration Book
  5. Plutus IAS Public Administration Test Series

Q. What are the features of our optional course?

There are many courses at Plutus IAS but here we will talk about the Optional Course. The course will have the following features:

  1. Classroom/Offline/Hybrid classes
  2. Comprehensive Study Materials
  3. Weekly and monthly Current Affairs
  4. Personal Mentorship
  5. Test Series
  6. Answer Writing Guidance



  • Daily Live Online Interactive Classes
  • Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner


  • Daily Classroom Classes
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner

Location Wise Mode of Availability

Location Mode Of Availablity
Delhi(Karol Bagh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Delhi(Mukharjee Nagar) Online
Chandigarh Offline, Online, Hybrid
Jehanabad (Bihar) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
All Over India Online