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UPSC CSE is one of the prominent competitive exams held in India for various positions in the Indian Government. The Exam is conducted in three phases: Preliminary, Main, and Interview. Moreover, in the Main exam aspirants are given a chance to pick 1 Optional Subject of their choice. Political Science and International Research (PSIR) is one of the 48 Optional Subjects offered by UPSC in the Main Exam.
PSIR includes two parts Political Science which deals with political ideas, laws, and more. And International Research which covers topics like international news and the interaction of different countries with each other. Moreover, the subject has two papers Paper 1 and Paper 2, both carrying 250 Marks each, totaling 500 Marks.


Dr. Bijendra Jha has achieved an M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Political Science from J.N.U. Moreover, Sir has authored multiple papers and reports centered on socio-economic affairs, governance, and political research. He brings over a decade of teaching experience and serves as an associate with Patrick Heller at Brown University. Additionally, through his guidance, many aspirants have excelled in PSIR Optional Papers. Furthermore, he is very interactive with the students and personally guides every student. He resolves doubts and queries ensuring that students get a clear understanding of each and every topic thoroughly.

PLUTUS IAS | Best Coaching for PSIR Optional

Plutus IAS is the first choice of aspirants regarding PSIR Optional Coaching. Moreover, this pristine coaching institute provides the best teacher for PSIR Optional, Dr. Bijendra Jha. Sir has a profound knowledge of PSIR and is keen on sharing his knowledge with his students. Moreover, he ensures that every student receives the best education for PSIR Optional subject. Plutus IAS believes in a small batch size of about 40-50 students, this is to make certain that every student gets personal attention and guidance from the teacher. Furthermore, this also ensured better two-way communication between the faculty and the students. Doubt-solving sessions are held after every class to ensure that all the students’ queries get resolved. Additionally, test series are held at the coaching institute to check students’ progress. Personalized feedback is given to the students based on their performance, this helps students figure out their weak points and work on them.


With the changing world and modernization, people are becoming drawn towards technology. Moreover, many aspirants are going for online coaching rather than traditional. To keep up with this modernization, Plutus IAS has an Online Mode of coaching for aspirants wanting to do distance learning. Furthermore, the online facility at Plutus IAS gives access to the students till the batch ends. It also provides students with Live Lectures, Recorded Lectures, and PDF Notes. These facilities have proven to be very beneficial for students in their PSIR Optional preparation. Additionally, Plutus IAS also provides a Hybrid Mode of learning, which allows students to take the benefit of both Offline and Online Classes at the same time. This is the best facility for students who are looking for flexibility and time efficiency.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for PSIR Optional at Plutus IAS is as follows:
Offline Fee: Rs. 60,000 (incl. GST)
Online Fee: Rs. 55,000 (incl. GST)
Hybrid Fee: Rs. 65,000 (incl. GST)

PLUTUS IAS | Best PSIR Optional Coaching


Factors Qualities
Faculty Dr. Bijendra Jha
Batch Strength 40-50
Pedagogy Interactive, Test Series, Notes Giving
Infrastructure of online facility Provides unlimited access till the batch ends.
Performance of students Students are well satisfied with the optional subject and cracked the UPSC exam
Feedback from former students The teachers at Plutus IAS are simply the best. With great experience, they teach with the uttermost patience and are always there to clarify doubts. Their class notes are concise and relevant. It is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Delhi.
Offline Fees Rs. 60,000 (incl. GST)
Online Fees Rs. 55,000 (incl. GST)
Hybrid Fees Rs. 65,000 (incl. GST)
Website Plutus IAS
Address Apsara Arcade, Basement 8 Gate no. – 6, Metro Station, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Phone Number 8448440231
Mode Online, Offline & Hybrid
Google Direction Link Google Map Link

FAQS of PSIR optional

Q. Why should you choose PSIR as an optional?

PSIR is one of the most popular subjects. This is because of the high overlap with GS papers I, II, III, and IV. Additionally, PSIR is significant in Personality Tests as it sharpens the candidate’s analytical, critical, and communicative skills. Skills that are greatly valued in the Personality Test. These qualities make this subject the most sought-after optional subject in the UPSC CSE exam, making the competition high. But if you are well prepared for the subject, you can stand out from the competition and score high marks. 

Q. What should be your plan of preparation regarding PSIR?

 When preparing for PSIR, the candidate has to start with having comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus, followed by having the best books for PSIR optional books. Taking mentorship from the best IAS coaching in Delhi can also help greatly. In addition, NCERT is for building basic knowledge, test series, and PYQ papers to know the question trend, which can help you improve your UPSC exam preparation. But the most important tip is to maintain a disciplined study schedule.

Q. How will our PSIR optional course by Dr. Bijendra Jha help you?

 Dr. Bijendra Jha is a renowned teacher for the UPSC PSIR subject at Plutus IAS. He is highly educated and qualified to help with your PSIR optional subject. Having a Ph.D. from JNU and multiple years of experience coaching UPSC aspirants makes him the best teacher for PSIR.

Plutus IAS provides one one-on-one discussion with the faculty to give students room to clear all their doubts. Additionally, regular tests are taken that the faculty themselves check with expert feedback; this practice improves answer writing skills and equips you to analyze and critique effectively, a crucial skill for success in both PSIR optional and the UPSC Mains exam.

Q. What materials should you refer to?

Plutus IAS provides the best study materials for UPSC notes. The faculty members make the notes provided by the institution, which are a compilation of all the best books for PSIR optional. The best UPSC PSIR optional books are:

  • Political Theory: An Introduction by Rajeev Bhargava and Ashok Acharya
  • Political Theory by O P Gauba
  • Ideas & Concepts Political Theory by Sushila Ramaswami
  • Western Political Thought: From Socrates to the Age of Ideology by Brian R Nelson
  • India, Neighbors & Major Powers by Aneek Chatterjee 
  • Plutus IAS PSIR Optional UPSC Printed Notes BY DR. Bijendra Jha.

Q. What are the features of our optional course?

Plutus IAS provides the best IAS coaching for optional Subjects. From focusing on getting the conceptual clarity right to ensuring the candidates have a comprehensive and complete knowledge of the subject. There are many factors Plutus IAS stresses in small-sized classrooms, one-on-one attention by highly qualified teachers who are experienced in UPSC coaching, and, most importantly, most importantly. Plutus IAS focuses on providing top-quality test series. The test series are provided in all capacities, sectional and full length. These tests are evaluated by the teachers with their feedback. 



  • Daily Live Online Interactive Classes
  • Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner


  • Daily Classroom Classes
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures available
  • Faculty Handouts (PDF)
  • Study Material (Hard Copies)
  • Regular Tests
  • Mock Test
  • PIB Analysis
  • Personal Mentorship will be provided
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Daily eNewspaper
  • Daily Newspaper Analysis
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Regular Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • With Revision
  • Optional Planner

Location Wise Mode of Availability

Location Mode Of Availablity
Delhi(Karol Bagh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Delhi(Mukharjee Nagar) Online
Chandigarh Offline, Online, Hybrid
Jehanabad (Bihar) Offline, Online, Hybrid
Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) Offline, Online, Hybrid
All Over India Online
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