Dr. Hardeep Singh IAS (Retd.)
(Career Counseling and GS4 Ethics case studies honorary)
  • Sir is a Retired IAS officer from Haryana Cadre.
  • Served as District Magistrate(D.M.) of Gurugram.
  • Sir has also served as Secretary, Haryana Public Service Commission, Chandigarh/Panchkula from 2000 to 2005.
  • Sir also did his in-service Ph.D (Agronomy).

Dr. Ghanshyam Singh:
(HCS allied services)
  • Sir Joined Haryana Civil Allied Services in 1998.
  • Sir has also served as Secretary, Haryana Public Service Commission, Chandigarh/Panchkula from 2000 to 2005.
  • Sir Served in the positions of Deputy Director and Joint Director in the Government of Haryana.
  • Sir also served as an esteemed scientist in the renowned ICAR.

Dr. Raju Narayana Swamy
(Principal Secretary | IAS | AIR 1 | honorary)
  • Sir is an IAS officer, Anti Corruption Crusader and Whistleblower.
  • B.Tech in Computer Science (1989) from IIT Madras.
  • Sir received the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in 2003.
  • Sir was awarded the Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award in 2018.
  • Principal Secretary for Agriculture and Agriculture Production Commissioner.

Dr. Huma Hassan
(Anthropology & Sociology optional)
  • Ex Faculty Jamia University and Ph.D & M.Phil from JNU, Gold Medalist from  Jamia University.
  • Qualified National Eligibility Test for lectureship in 2011, 2012 and 2013 Over 7 years of teaching experience for Civil Services Examination
  • An accomplished researcher in Anthropological studies, an active participant in academic conferences and workshops.

Dr. Bijendra Jha
(PSIR Optional & General Studies Polity )
  • Earned M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Political Science from JNU’s Centre for Political Studies. Holds a professorship at the same center.
  • Published numerous papers and reports focusing on socio-economic matters, governance, and political studies.
  • A Research Associate with Brown University’s Patrick Heller. Offers over a decade of teaching expertise.

Dr. Ram Puniyani
Former Professor, (IIT Bombay, Writer )
  • Dr. Ram Puniyani, a distinguished figure in India’s academic landscape, holds the title of Former Professor at IIT Bombay.
  • An eminent author, his extensive body of work delves into critical subjects such as communalism, religious diversity, and human rights, showcased through numerous books and research papers. As a renowned scholar and activist, Dr. Puniyani’s impact resonates widely.

Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye
(GS – Geography & Geography opt)
  • Has appeared in the PERSONALITY TEST for IFoS in 2018 and appearing for the Mains of Maharashtra PCS in both 2017 and 2018, sir has rich background of competitive examination experience.
  • With a teaching journey spanning more than 7 years, sir has esteemed faculty member renowned for expertise in General Studies (GS) – Geography as well as the GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL subject.
  • This diverse exposure has honed his understanding of intricate geographical concepts while his examination appearances testify to his commitment to continuous growth and learning.

Prateek Tripathi
(Economic Optional)
  • With an extensive teaching tenure of more than 9 years.
  • Academic achievements include an M.Tech degree from NIT Allahabad, an M.Sc in Physics, and a Masters in Economics. These diverse qualifications have equipped him with a multifaceted perspective to approach various subjects.
  • Experience extends to mentoring a substantial number of accomplished CSE students, showcasing his ability to guide and facilitate their success.

(Expertise in the realms of polity and economics)
  • Sanjeev Kumar has 8 years of expertise in the domains of polity and economics which showcases his specialization and Knowledge in these subjects.
  • Sir has successfully qualified for the UPSC Civil Service examination Prelims in 2016 and 2017 consecutively.
  • Sir also qualified for the Combined Defence Service (CDS) in 2014.
  • He has written a book titled ‘Civil Service Main Examination Practice Work Book’ which highlights his commitment to helping students prepare for UPSC CSE.

Kanhaiya Jha
(Public Administration,Ethics)
  • UGC-NET qualified in Public Administration, and has Qualified  UPSC MAINS  in 2009, 2013, 2014 & 2015; underlines his consistency.
  • Sir has faced interviews for UPSC, BPSC, JPSC & RPSC and Mains for MPPSC, UKPSC, and CGPSC. With 8+ years of Civil Services teaching experience, sir adeptly simplifies complex concepts.
  • His proficiency in presenting intricate ideas in an accessible manner enriches his teaching approach. This cumulative journey reflects his commitment to both personal growth and effective knowledge dissemination, empowering aspiring individuals to navigate the challenges of competitive examinations.

(Mathematics Optional )
  • Holder of a M.Sc Degree in Mathematics & Computing from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.
  • Achieving an AIR 717 in Mathematics (GATE 2019) and AIR 92 in Mathematical Science (CSIR UGC NET) for Lectureship showcases her dedication.
  • With a rich background spanning over 6 years, Ma’am has adeptly guided and taught UPSC aspirants. Her demeanor is marked by humility, and her extend unwavering support to all students, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration.

(GS-History & History opt)
  • Holder of  Ph.D. and M.Phil Degree in Modern History from JNU. Sir has also earned M.A. and B.A. degrees from Delhi University.
  • Noteworthy achievements include UGC NET qualification and securing ICHR research grants. As a distinguished History faculty, his teaching experience spans over 5 years.
  • His academic journey is defined by a strong foundation, rigorous research, and a commitment to education, all of which shape his role as an educator and scholar.

Priyanka Godara
(Mathematics Optional)
  • Ma’am has appeared in the UPSC CSE Interview of 2020, and in the CSE Mains 2022 and IFoS Mains 2022.
  • As an alumnus of CRSU and a holder of a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Kurukshetra University, her academic foundation is robust. Drawing from extensive UPSC teaching and guidance exposure.
  • Ma’am is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the competitive examination landscape. This journey reflects her commitment to personal growth and her dedication to empowering aspirants.

Shalini Singh
(Psychology optional)
  • Specializing in Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, she brings a humble demeanor and unwavering support to her students.
  • She participated in UPSC Mains in 2019, 2020, and 2021, and also in UPPCS Mains 2019. Additionally, she successfully cleared AFCAT 2015.
  • A graduate of Kurukshetra University, her academic journey showcases her dedication to values, competitive examinations, and continuous growth.

(mathematics Optional, CSAT, General Studies)
  • Distinguished performance in UPSC CSE Mains 2020, 2021, and 2022. He has attained a remarkable achievement with a score of 274 marks in the Mathematics Optional subject.
  • Holds a B.tech degree from the esteemed IIT Delhi. Boasts a published research paper in the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) in 2017
  • Demonstrated extensive expertise in answer writing and comprehensive coverage of General Studies and Mathematics Optional.

(Chemistry Optional)
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry.
  • He has vast experience teaching in the field of chemistry.
  • Sir, Bring extensive expertise and knowledge of teaching chemistry to the UPSC aspirants.
  • Sir, Incorporates his research background to enhance the learning experience of the aspirants.
  • With a Ph.D. in Chemistry and teaching experience, Dr. Keshav Kumar is well-positioned to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of complex chemical concepts.

(Zoology Optional)
  • Mam has a strong knowledge of zoology and expertise in teaching and understanding various concepts related to Zoology.
  • She has appeared 2 times in the UPSC Civil Service Examinations.
  • Mam holds an impressive 6 years of teaching experience to the UPSC Aspirants and expertise in the field of Zoology and civil services preparation.
  • She has the potential to offer a holistic learning experience to her students by integrating her subject knowledge and experience of teaching.

(Economic, Internal Security)
  • Sir has a Specialization in Economics and Internal Security that shows a focused area of expertise within the process of civil services exam preparation.
  • He has appeared in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) interview, demonstrating an understanding of the selection process of the UPSC Civil Service Examination.
  • Sir has written 7 UPSC CSE mains exams and demonstrates a strong understanding of the UPSC syllabus.
  • He holds an impressive 8 years of teaching experience, with a wealth of expertise in guiding UPSC aspirants.

Desh Deepak
(GS History)
  • He has expertise in General Studies (GS) with a specialisation in History.
  • Sir, Possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of historical events, theories, and perspectives.
  • Sir has appeared in 2 UPSC interviews, demonstrating an understanding of the selection process and conditions of one of India’s toughest competitive exams.
  • Sir has also, participated in 3 Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPCS) interviews process.
  • Sir holds an impressive 10 years of teaching experience for UPSC aspirants.

(law Optional)
  • Has done PGD Ethics and Medical laws from National Law School Bengaluru and BA. LLB (Hons.) from UILS Panjab University Chandigarh.
  • Sir holds an impressive 10 years of teaching experience for UPSC CSE candidates.
  • Has Appeared in an Interview for the UPSC Civil Service Examination in 2014 and cleared the UPSC prelims of years 2017,2020, and 2021.
  • Has the ability to offer a holistic learning experience to his students by integrating his subject knowledge and experience of teaching.