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Essay on Current Affairs Issue

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Optional Subject+ Answer Writing Mains

RS 60,000/-

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Test Series Prelims & Mains Answer Writing

RS 20,000/-

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Complete Ethics Module +Class Test

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Current Affairs Test (Prelims)

RS 5000/-

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Crash Course Prelims

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Test Series Prelims

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Plutus IAS Study Material

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Online CSAT Foundation

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Mains Test

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Current Affairs

RS 3000/-

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Do You Know the Relevance of Taking PI’S Test Series?

An average of millions of students dreams to become Civil Servants, but with the regular cut we see only lakhs of the aspirants actually appear for the UPSC exam, but only a few of hundreds make it to the finals. With crux, it seems that lack of proper guidance needs to be fulfilled with the students’ preparatory method for the Civil Services.Plutus IAS provides you the pathway to go-ahead for the UPSC CSE, promises to behold with you till the end.The PI’s Mock Test is well designed to work on your strengths and weaknesses keeping your customized requirements to plan your studies accordingly.

  • Plutus IAS, the national Prelims Test Series is open for all, especially for those juggling up from where and how to start with the preparation.
  • With the help of expert faculty and a mentorship program, Plutus IAS is always here to support you throughout your journey.
  • The Counselling sessions given by the expert team will give you personalized solutions to all your problems with the UPSC CSE.
  • With proper guidance and ways to choose the optional subjects for the Civil Services, Test Series will help you achieve the best.

PI’S Mock Test Attention

Clear Basic Concept

Mock tests papers will be based on the fundamental sources (to clear basic concepts), applied sources (to clear analytical concepts), and supplementary sources (to add value with the amalgamation of basic concepts and important current events).

More Number Of Test

As per the growing importance of current affairs in UPSC Prelims, we keep more no of tests and questions according to their weight. It also helps you to understand, ‘how to link current affairs to the Prelims’. We also maintain the weight of different subjects in test series based on deep analysis of UPSC Prelims and estimate future trends.

Standard Of Test

Test series will bring discipline in the preparation of both Fresher’s (never attended) and Veterans (already attempted). If students are able to maintain a good score and ranks in the Plutus IAS test series, surely they will also achieve them in the actual UPSC exam.


These tests will properly evaluate your overall performance and you will better recognize your weak and strong areas. Thus, you will get an extra edge over other students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it beneficial for you to join the PI’s Prelims Mock Test Series?

  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses for the finals.
  • Stabilize and fills gaps in your preparations
  • You can find solutions to all your doubts about the UPSC Exam
  • In-depth details and knowledge come forward for your fears to overcome.

How to apply for the Registration Process?
You can register online at Plutusias ias registration

I am an existing student at Plutus IAS, can I appear for the PI’s Mock Test?

Yes, of course, all the students are eligible for the PI’s Test Series

How can I contact you for any other queries?
Please send your Queries to https://plutusias.com/contact-us/ or contact at 8130026212

Why join Plutus IAS All India Prelims Test Series? What is the major gain?

 You will receive a Login id and Password to get access to tests on our online platform.

  • It will evaluate your performance as per UPSC parameters and also show your scorecard and rank among all Indian students.
  • After the test, you can recognize your mistakes and rectify them with the help of its comprehensive and clear explanation.
  • You can also dissolve your doubt during sectional test paper discussion.

Terms and Conditions to Apply

The study material of Plutus IAS is only for individual students. If any student is found violative of its copyrights, the legal suit can proceed.

  • Plutus IAS reserves all rights related to admission, alteration, and conduction of test series if required.

Plutus IAS is surreal to inaugurate its UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series as a Remdesivir for the UPSC Aspirants.

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