A sedition Law : An analysis in special reference to its relevance 

A sedition Law : An analysis in special reference to its relevance 

A sedition Law : An analysis in special reference to its relevance – Today Current Affairs

Context : 

Recently the honorable supreme court asked the government for the reexamination of this sedition Law. Government is instructed strictly to give response as soon as possible (Within 24 Hrs.) and the government is  asked to explain how it intended to protect the interests of people already arrested and facing prosecution under Section 124A (sedition) of the Indian Penal Code. 

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Introduction : 

The sedition law is a colonial law which had been used to crucial the voice of the opponents to the government during the colonial period . My renowned journalist and the freedom fighters like B.G Tilak and S.N Banerjee had been booked through this section of IPC during the 19-20th century. The government , whether the central governments or the state governments, has misused this section of IPC to suppress the voice of opponents. In modern context, since we are living in a democratic state and every citizen of the Indian have right to speak and expression therefore this section must be examined as said by the honorable supreme court 

What is the Section 124 A : The Hindu Analysis

The section 124 A of the Indian penal code pimples that if any body is involved in any activities against the government or in other word it can be said that Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards, the Government estab­lished by law in  [India] shall be punished . This punishment may be up to life time imprisonment . During colonial period British government used such section against the prominent Indian leaders 

The court’s argument against it : The Hindu Analysis

For the several month the honorable supreme count has been raised the question of the relevance of this section of the IPC and many time court has appealed to the legislature to repeal it but the central government argues to the court that this section controls anti national activities however there are many sections in IPC to control anti national activities .  The Hindu Analysis

In fact all the governments, whether the government of the center or the government of the states , use this section in their favor . Recently in the case of Navneet Rana, the court asked the central government whether the security should be given to the accused person. Then the central government said that this allegation is false . therefore court asked to reexamine the validity and the relevance of this section 

The examples of its misuse : The Hindu Analysis

There are many examples of the misuse of this section of the IPC. Recently MP of the Maharashtra Navneet Rana was booked through this section and earlier my protesters have been booked by the central government through this section and the central government knows this fact very well that the government could curtail the voices of the opponents only through this section . In recent cases however, the government argued that “These cases are booked by the State governments. The Centre does not do it. The aim of Section 124A is to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the nation… Whenever there is misuse, there are the constitutional courts and remedies,” In Bengal , Bengal CM had also booked my professors and the artist through this section 

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Conclusively it can be said this section of the IPC was introduced by the British government to strengthen colonialism . But In independent India our government used this section to show the power of the state and through this section the IPC state was moving towards its authoritarian nature which is dangerous for democracy . Therefore Court should review the validity of this section of INPC and if possible , it should be eliminated from the law book (IPC)


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