Advertisements of the brands interrelate with Indian Culture and  Society  (GS paper I- Art and Society)

Advertisements of the brands interrelate with Indian Culture and  Society  (GS paper I- Art and Society)

Context : These days , many advertisements have faced boycotts from the people of social media because these advertisements are not reflecting the right image of Indian society. In these days , people of the social media are demanding to remove the advertisements of the Sahrukh Khan because of the incidents of the Aryan khan 

 Julien Cayla , an ethnographer wrote an article and described that SRK is the representation of Pan India and the products advertises by SRK are recommended by the people of the world. SRK is not the representation of any caste, religion, ethinic group, it is the representation of entire India which is having heterogeneous cultures 

But nowadays a swadeshi movement is going on through hate speeches on social media . They are targeting SRK on the bases of his religion and 

This is not only SRK who is being targeted , other brands and advertisements are also being targeted on the name of Indian culture 

  • In a line of advertisement , the  designer used the creative of underwear in the advertisement of mangal sutra , in a advertisement of Dabut where a lesbian could has been shown  are being opposed on the name of religion and the culture. Now dabur admitted and canceled the contract Sabyasachi who made that advertisement . 

  • Now the advertising agencies demanded protection from the government . The is an authority who controls  and regulates over advertisements (Advertising Standards Council of India , ASCI) If anything is not as per the rules, ASCI could ban it. Government should consider such types of social media movements of boycotts. Many advertisers are being threatened by goons now days 

  • During the last few days , because of the Aryan khan incident (Son of Sahrukh Khan , who was sent to jail for allegations of the Drugs ) , many advertising companies stopped the advertisements of SRK . Many of them ended their contract with SRK. Now after getting bail some of the agencies renewed their contract with SRK

  • The provision of Censorship in India is not a new concept .   In the past, advertisements for brands, such as Tuff Shoes, faced a heavy backlash and were dragged to the court, on grounds of morality and propriety.  Even Though all these things were going on the communal ground 

  • The advertisement of the Tanishq where interreligious marriage is promoted but haters of our social media also ran a campaign against Tanishq 

  • These types of the hate campaigns of social media have their two dimensions one is for religious polarisation and other is for patriarchal gender norms,

Social media haters now creating the problems for the upcoming movie of SRK “Pathan” These haters are calling SRK as Pakistani and terrorist 

The above analysis is showing the trend and nature of our society which has been transforming from secularism to communism in the name of Indian culture . This nature of the society is a threat for the state or internal security. Government should take appropriate action on those who are deteriorating the atmosphere in the name of Indian Culture although these haters do not have any concern with Indian culture. They are just poticall and social goons and wanted to destroy communal harmony. Neither they know the fundamental characteristics of Indian culture nor they follow Indian culture . They are just antisocial elements which should be eliminated 



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