Arka Shubha

Arka Shubha


Recently The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research ( IIHR) has developed a new variety of Marigold flower named as Arka Shubha.

About Marigold-

  • This flower belongs to the sunflower family of Asteraceae.
  • It is mostly herbaceous plants.
  • The flowers are native to the Americas.
  • It has been seen that they grow naturally from the southwestern United States into South America.
  • However, some species have become naturalized around the world.

Significance of Arka Shubha-

  • Flowers often lose their value if they get spoiled either due to rain or delay in harvest .
  • However, from Arka Shubha , crude carotene can be extracted even if the flower is spoiled.
  • It has a carotene content of 2.8% which is more than other marigold varieties.


  • This is mainly used in the Pharmaceutical sector.
  • At presents India imports most of its carotene from China and other countries.


  • It is used as ornamental purpose
  • Arka Shubha Variety of Marigold is in use in the poultry sector. Its petals could be used as feed to get quality yolk.
  • It is also used for feeding ship
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