Balancing act(The Hindu, International Relations, GS-2)

Balancing act(The Hindu, International Relations, GS-2)


Context:- Recently attack on Israel by Hamas and further Israel retaliation led to volcanic situation in the middle east. Countries are coming forward in the support and oppose but india must have a balancing act as she holds the palace in UNSC, which is the supreme peace enforcing body in the world.

  • India voted against Israel in the historic resolution in U.N. india had voted in the favor of palestine.
  • Since the Cold war india is a admant supported of palestine, but now the equation is changing
  • Since 1992, india has the full fledged relation with the israel and NDA government took it a leap forward when P.M. visited Israel in 207 on the completion os 25 years.
  • This visit was the first visit of any P.M. from india

Recently Israel showed a kind gesture to every country who supported her but India’s name was missing.

  • So what india should do:
    • A balancing act:- India should ciritices the Hamas on unilateral act of attack on israel but at the same time india should crirtices the disproportionate bombing in GAZA. this act of balancing was missing.
    • Issue remains that who should india supports
    • Issue of arab unity and effect on india.
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