Cease the fire (World History, GS-1, International relation, GS-2)

Cease the fire (World History, GS-1, International relation, GS-2)


Context:- Israel has bombarded philistine on the pretext that from GAZA, Israel was bombarded. Israel, according to some reports haas also bombarded civilians of philistine.

History of Israel and philistine dispute:-

  •  roots in 957 BC when King Solomon built the first temple in the Israelite kingdom.
  • This temple was destroyed by Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylonia in 587/586 BC.
  • Jews were sacked from the middle east when Islam was spreading during the ottoman empire.
  • In 1896 Jews formed world jionist organisation to support the Isreli’s people home in the middle east.
  • During the 1st world war ottoman empire was defeated and disintegrated by the british there by paved the way for Israel.
  • British rulers failed to establish peace between the Palestinian Muslims and Israelis Jews and thus, declared the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.
  • Since the creation Israel she was threaten by the ARAB countries on the pretext of religion.
  • This has led to arab israeli war, six days war etc. in all these wars Israel became victorious.

What is the issue now

  • Issue is HMAS which support the palestine has fired more than 1000 rockets on Israel and israel retaliated with full force there by destruction of civilians too.
  • Israeli armed forces storming Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • Israel is witnessing twin crises simultaneously
    • One is on the border with HAMAS and 2nd with in where israelis right wings is in clash with the arabs so the situation of riots in many cities.

Solution of this crises:-

  • Israel has right to defend it’s sovereignty, integrity there by right to retaliate.
  • 2 state nation theory which is accepted by the israel but not by the ARABS.
  • Recent ABRAHAM accord between UAE and Israel shows ARAB countries are ready to go with the israel on the main objective of peace.
  •  International community must come forward and follow the peace.
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