Child Marriage in India

Child Marriage in India

Child Marriage in India

Child marriage is a persistent and widespread problem in India, where over 47% of women are married before the age of 18. Despite being illegal, the practice remains prevalent in rural and impoverished communities, where families see it as a way to secure their daughter’s futures and provide for their financial needs.

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Status of the Child Marriage in India

Child marriage has numerous harmful consequences for young girls, including an increased risk of domestic violence, limited educational and career opportunities, and higher rates of maternal mortality. In addition, child brides are often taken out of school, making it difficult for them to pursue higher education or gain employment, trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

Child Marriage in India

Child Marriage

Reasons for the Child Marriage in India

  • One of the root causes of child marriage in India is poverty. Families in rural or low-income areas often see marriage as a means of alleviating their financial burden, as the groom’s family is typically expected to provide a dowry. The bride’s family may also see it as a way to secure their daughter’s future, especially if they believe she is unlikely to find a suitable husband later in life.
  • Another major factor contributing to child marriage in India is a lack of education. Many girls in rural areas do not attend school and those who do often drop out early. This lack of education leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse and makes it difficult for them to understand their rights or resist pressure to marry at a young age.

Government’s Initiatives to tackle Child Marriage 

  • The Indian government has taken several steps to address child marriage, including raising the legal age of marriage for girls to 18 and implementing programs to educate communities about the dangers of the practice. However, these efforts have not been enough to eliminate the problem.
  • To effectively tackle child marriage, it is essential to address the root causes of the issue, including poverty and lack of education. This can be done through programs that provide financial support to families and incentivize girls to stay in school. Providing girls with access to education and job training can also help them become financially independent and reduce their vulnerability to exploitation.
  • In addition, community-based organizations and advocacy groups can play a critical role in raising awareness about the dangers of child marriage and empowering girls to resist pressure to marry young. These organizations can also work to change attitudes and beliefs within communities, and provide support and resources to families to help them resist the practice.

Way Ahead 

Finally, the Indian government and international organizations can work together to implement stronger laws and enforcement mechanisms to protect girls from child marriage. This includes increasing the penalties for those who violate the law and providing support to girls who have been forced into marriage, including access to legal aid, health services, and educational opportunities.


In conclusion, child marriage is a serious problem in India that has long-lasting harmful effects on young girls. To effectively address the issue, it is essential to address its root causes, including poverty and lack of education, and to empower girls to resist pressure to marry young. With the support of the government, community organizations, and advocacy groups, it is possible to end child marriage and provide a brighter future for the young girls of India.


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