Christ Church call to action

Christ Church call to action

(GS PAPER-2, International Relations

Source- The Hindu)


The United States has announced that it will be joining Christ Church call to action against online extremism.



  • Christchurch call to action was launched during the online extremism summit in Paris, France in 2019
  • The Summit was co-chaired by New zealand and France
  • The call is named after the New Zealand city in Christchurch, 51 members of the Muslim community were murdered in a live stream terrorist attack in 2019.
  • It is a global pledge by member governments and Technology partners
  •  17 countries originally signed the agreement, Another 31 countries signed the agreement later
  •  India is one of the member country


  • It is not binding, it consists of three sections or commitment, The government, online service provider and ways in which the earlier two can work together


  •  The plan commit government, international organisation and internet company to perform a range of measures

-Khyati Khare

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