Circumvention (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)

Circumvention (The Hindu, Polity, GS-2)


Context:- Recent meeting of the Prime minister with the district magistrate of various regions. In this meeting 24 pargana bengal D.M. got a chance to speak but instead of him Chief minister spoke and this created a hue and cry.

Issue:- Central government is bypassing the state elected representatives in current regime

    • When the education minister talked about National education policy implementation in the state through state secratories, such a meeting was not attended by the Tamilnadu official. This was not the boycott but they want the political leadership should be included in such discussion
  • Constitutional angle:-
    •  Article 256 and 257 provides such power to central government
  • A historical incident when rajeev gandhi talked to collectors of Uttar pradesh, when he addressed them on panchayati raj institution.

What is the way forward on such situation:-

  • Federalism which is the basic structure must be followed in letter and spirit.
  • Centre can give direction to state but the political executive comes first.
  • A coordination-cooperation approach.
  • Win-win federalism.
  • Confidence building measures from centre.
  • Focus on people’s welfare is supreme most virtue.

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