Coronal Holes

Coronal Holes

Coronal Holes

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Relevance for Prelims: Space Technology, Cosmic findings.

Relevance for Mains: Significance of It, Maunder Minimum

Context: Recently, NASA has captured an image that shows dark patches on the surface of the sun resembling a smile and the sun.

About :

Coronal Holes

     Pic: Coronal Holes

  • They gush out solar winds into space.
  • They are comparatively colder and appear darker than their surrounding as soar material is less.
  • Coronal Holes last between a few weeks to months.
  • Solar Minimum, is a period of time when the Sun’s activity is substantially diminished.
  • Their number waxes and wanes in cycles that last 11 years approximately

Significance :

  1. They help in understanding the environment of space.

Maunder Minimum:

  • Contrary to this, sunspot activity may be correlated with the climate on earth. In the period between 1645 and 1715, sunspot activity had come to a halt on the Sun – a phenomenon referred to as the Maunder minimum.
  • This coincided with extremely cold weather globally. So, sunspots may have relevance to the climate on earth.
  • Such links are tenuous, but solar activity affects space weather, which can have an impact on space-based satellites, GPS, power grids, and so on.

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