CSAT Paper

The UPSC Civil Service Exam(CSE) is the most challenging competitive exam in India. Every year more than 9 to 10 lakh aspirants appearing for this exam and 0.3 percent of aspirants get their names in the final list. Most aspirants do not understand the exam requirements and syllabus for appearing for the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Even some aspirants needed help understanding the question patterns and weightage of the topics.   


 Before appearing for the exam aspirants should be aware of the exam question and its patterns. The UPSC Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) Previous Year Question(PYQ) gives a general idea about the exam pattern, its requirements, and which topics are important for them. Experts and toppers are also recommended to practice the previous year’s question papers. Moreover, CSAT Previous Year Question (PYQ) papers help the aspirants to make their strategy and ideas to crack the UPSC CSE.




  • Understand the exam pattern; PYQ gives you a general idea and a good understanding of the questions and the question pattern. The UPSC has changed the CSE question pattern in the last few years and the new aspirants need help to understanding the question pattern. So PYQ helps you to understand the new exam pattern.

  • Idea about the Syllabus and topics; The Previous Year’s Questions give you a deep understanding of the Syllabus and the topics. PYQ is also important to get ideas about the topics and their importance. At the same time, PYQ makes aspirants more efficient to crack the exam.  

  • Time accuracy; Aspirants can manage their time in the exam if they practice the previous year’s questions. PYQ gives proper ideas to the aspirants on how to manage their time in the exam hall.

  •  Self-confidence; Previous Years Question (PYQ) boosts the self-confidence of the aspirants to handle the questions in the exam hall. PYQ helps you assess your knowledge and your understanding of the topics. 

  • Make Strategy;  PYQ helps aspirants to make their own strategy and proper planning to crack the exam. Strategy is the most important factor in the UPSC exam because the competition of the exam is very compared to other exams. So PYQ gives you the proper idea to make your strategy. 


  • Identify your weak areas and strong areas; PYQ helps aspirants get a chance to work on their strong areas and weak areas in the syllabus. 



How to Practice and Prepare UPSE CSAT Previous Year Questions (PYQ):

  • Thoroughly follow a minimum of 5 to 8 years of the CSAT previous year’s question paper.
  • Start solving the PYQ without taking any help from the answer key or any other support. 
  • Focus on your time management during the question attempts. 
  • Give importance to your strong topics and attempt the question accordingly. 
  • Evaluate your accuracy rate in the attempting questions and answer
  • Note down your mistakes and your performance. 
  • Focus on your mistakes and weak areas.
  • Understand the changes in the CSAT question Pattern year by year.
  • Take advice from toppers or your mentors.
  • The UPSC CSAT paper is qualifying in nature so aspirants should plan their strategy with PYQ. 


The CSAT Previous Year Question (PYQ) Plays a critical role during the preparation of the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Carefully examine the CSAT Previous Year’s Question papers and do your preparation in the right way. Aspirants should devote their time to CSAT PYQ practice and make sure their preparation is the right way.