Desmond Tutu : A tireless activist, Archbishop and a nobel laureate fought against apartheid  (GS paper I, II, Essay ) (Source – The Hindu)

Desmond Tutu : A tireless activist, Archbishop and a nobel laureate fought against apartheid  (GS paper I, II, Essay ) (Source – The Hindu)

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Context : South African anti- apartheid icon Archbishop Deshbond Tutu, described as the countries’ moral compass , died on 26th December 2021 , sparking an outpouring of tribute for the outspoken nobel Peace Peace Prize laureate 

Introduction : South Africa was has been colonized by the British and after winning its independence from British rule , South africa had to face the issue of Apartheid . Many activists had to fight against Apartheid . Because of the political, social and religious movement against the issue of Apartheid, finally , Apartheid was ended in Africa in 1994. 

What is Apartheid: Apartheid was a type of political system of South Africa under which white people were ruled with more liberal laws as they were provided more political freedom and rights while there were other rules made for black races people. Black people will be ruled by some more oppressive rule and those people were deprived from several political rights and freedom. And This apartheid was justified on the ground of civilization 

This racial discrimination sanctioned by the legislature of Africa was introduced just after the arrival of British rule in South Africa . Even though Africa won its freedom, this Apartheid continued . Black people were not having political rights , they could not participate in the election procedure of South Africa . Nelson Mandela led South Africa out of apartheid and into an era of reconciliation and majority rule.

Who is Tutu : Today Current Affairs

Desmond Tutu was a South African Anglicon Bishop and theologian . He was born in 1931, the era when In Africa informally ended British rule even though its full detachment from the British completely in 1961 . He has been the secretary of the general council of the South African Church . He became the Bishop in 1886 in Johannesburg . Up to that time Aprateid was at its peak in South Africa and a political movement was going on against Aparteid under the leadership of Nelson Mandela who was in jail at that time. Mandela was released in 1990 and this movement rapiticady spreaded in not only Africa but also in the entire world . All the supporter of Human right ,, globalization and liberalization, were advocating to abolish this Aparteid from South Africa and finally in multiracial election of Africa held in 19994, Mandela became the first black president of South Africa . Tutu also played an important role in the removal of Apartheid. After the general election in South Africa in 1994, Tuto was elected as the chairman of Truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the past truth and the violation of human right . tutu alos campaigned for gay rights He also critised the Palestine Israily war and criticised many times South African government in this regard. 

What is the role of Tutu in religious Movement : The Hindu Analysis

As Tutu rose to prominence in the 1970s, He started to criticized Apartheid and thus he was very popular among the black majority . During his tenure as archbishop he advocated for international sanction against aparteid, and later to lobby for rights globally . He was also a follower of the principle of non violence and . He filed a petition in favor of Mandela’s release. After 1986, he convinced the entire world against Apartheid so for his work he won the Nobel prize the same year. Even though he has earlier been nominated for a nobel prize . 

Conclusion : 

As per above discussion we see that many warriors were there on the earth who fought for humanity and peace. The name of Tutu would be remembered among those person and Entire world, all supporter of peace and humanity is paying tribute on his death 


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