UPSC CSE Test Series for History as Optional Paper 2024

History Optional Test Series

UPSC CSE Test Series for History as Optional Paper 2024

Hello Aspirant! Want to make history with your name? UPSC is absolutely the right choice. If you want to take up History as a subject for your optional paper, you have made the right choice provided you have considered certain important aspects, like, familiarity with the subject, syllabus, availability of the study materials etc. While preparing for history, study materials are as important as solving test series for history papers. Solving history optional test series will help you evaluate your progress and tell you about topics that need more attention. Let us talk about history as an optional paper in this blog.

What do you study in History?

When preparing for the optional paper in UPSC CSE, candidates who choose history as their subject delve into a comprehensive study of the past. They learn about various aspects of history, including ancient, medieval, and modern periods, with a focus on India and world history.

The syllabus covers many interesting topics, such as political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of different civilizations and societies. These interesting topics not only prepare the candidates for the exam but also update them about the relation between the past and the present. With this knowledge in hand, the candidate even continues to perform well in the personality test round. 

By studying history for UPSC CSE, candidates develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and a nuanced understanding of the complexities of human societies, enabling them to interpret and analyze historical events and their relevance to contemporary times.But only learning is not enough, it is very important for UPSC aspirant to analyze one’s progress in the History optional test with History Optional Test Series.

How to Prepare History for Optional Paper?

Choosing the right optional subject is often a challenging task for students, and history is a subject that has proven beneficial in improving grades if prepared well. The abundance of study sources for history as an optional paper can be overwhelming. However, the key challenge lies in selecting the appropriate sources that enhance answer writing skills. One crucial factor to consider is uniqueness; students who provide correct answers coupled with distinctive insights tend to secure the highest marks. Thorough knowledge of the syllabus and practicing with previous ten years’ question papers are equally important. To accomplish this, solving test series for the history optional paper becomes crucial. Plutus IAS offers comprehensive study material that aids in achieving a higher score.

UPSC Toppers for History as Optional Paper

History is one of the commonly chosen optional papers. This year, Siddharth Shukla (AIR 18) was a top ranker in the UPSC CSE examination 2022. Last year, UPSC CSE 2021 topper Shruti Sharma secured the first rank with history as her optional subject. She scored a total of 932 in her written test in which she scored 150 & 156 in her history optional paper 1 & 2 respectively.

Why Choose Plutus IAS for History Test Series.

The optional paper holds the potential to either fulfill or shatter your aspirations. Inadequate preparation can make it your vulnerability. The most effective approach is to engage in examinations, which provide a reality check and highlight areas requiring improvement. Test series further aid in identifying crucial topics expected in the exam, contributing to a focused preparation strategy.

Plutus IAS provides an unmatched online platform that does more than simply help you achieve your goals—we actually help you shape them. You can get vital advice from our team of knowledgeable professors on how to organize your responses for the best chance of scoring, resulting in a well-planned and efficient strategy.

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