India Maldives Relation : Significance in Changing Political paradigm 

India Maldives Relation : Significance in Changing Political paradigm 

India Maldives Relation : Significance in Changing Political paradig- Today Current Affairs

Context : parliamentary speaker and former president of the Maldives  Mohammad Nasheed wanted to ensure the power of his  ruling party Maldivian Democratic party (MDP) so that he could continue the propaganda against India . Abdulla Yamin is continuously campaigning against India .In Fact , the ongoing campaign  “India out” against in Maldives is being supported by the government of Maldives on the ground of democratic desires of the people 


Introduction : India and Maldives have had bilateral relations for a long time in political, economical and cultural . For 2-3 years anti Indian sentiments had flourished . Many Indians are residing in these countries for a long Time  Most of them are doctors, nurses and technicians, teachers, construction workers, tailors, etc. Indians are the second most populated racial group among all expatriates . Almost 25 % of teachers working in Maldives are Indians who are teaching in middle and senior secondary schools of Maldives . As per the date of the ministry of external affairs of India  , more than 400 doctors are residing in Maldives . 


Reason of Changing Paradigm of India Maldives relation: The Hindu Analysis

  • In fact , The increasing Chinese influence in Maldives is the main reason for deteriorating relations between India and Maldives. Recently Chinese foreign minister Wan Yi visited the island . 
  • The region behind India out campaign is because of the repayment of the debt to India without any rebate. This made Maldives angry 
  • Influence of Pakistan is another reason for anti India sentiment 
  • In fact , the people of Maldives is seeing Indians as the threat for their culture, for their economy also 
  • A lot of anti-India rhetoric was used during that time because the Maldivian government was pro-China,
  • The Waheed government , preceder of the Yameen government, was “anti-India”. Although the Yameen government’s tilt in favor of China was clear
  • Even though the policy of India First is there in Maldives., but it is also going to revise 
  • Government of Maldives also pointed out some reasons for being against India those are 
  •  two Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters (ALF) that were given by India to the Maldives in 2010 and in 2015, both of which were used for ocean search-and-rescue operations, maritime weather surveillance and for airlifting patients between islands, and were based in Addu Atoll and at Hanimaadhoo. These helicopters were for humanitarian purposes only, Government of Maldives blames that India is creating its military presence because these choppers are military choppers 
  • As per their blame India is not following the defense treaty in which India will train the defense personnel’s of Maldives. India is increasing its military influence in This way 
  • In 2019, local media of  Maldivian raised the question over UTF project and spread this rumor that through this India was going to settle a naval base in the region of Maldives and Government of Maldives strictly clarified in this regard that it would not give any permission for the foreign naval base 


In Fact because of the influence of China , the bilateral relation between India and China is deteriorating . In Fact Maldives media is also using the orthodoxic and fundamentalist and communal nature of the Indian government in this regard . Deteriorating relationship with Maldives would bring the threat against Indian communities which are residing  in Maldives. Therefore government of India should take positive steps in this regard so that the India Maldives relationship could be improved 


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Sources : The Hindu 

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