Is China a democratic ? : Various views on Democracy  (Source : The Hindu, GS Paper 2 )

Is China a democratic ? : Various views on Democracy  (Source : The Hindu, GS Paper 2 )

Is China a democratic ? : Various views on Democracy (Source : The Hindu, GS Paper 2 )- Todat Current Affairs

Context : For the counter of the Democratic Summit hosted by Joe Biden, An American President , the Chinese government capped a week-long campaign criticizing liberal democratic systems by attacking America’s democratic malaise . Chinese foreign ministry on friday said democracy was a common value of humanity instead of a geostrategic tool and the summit this week was aimed t defending US hegemony, which is out and out anti democratic 

Introduction : For a long time debate on democracy has been going on . There are various views on democracy but one thing is common whether the participation of the public is in the lawmaking process or not ? This is the more acceptable parameter of democratic value and The democracy stands where the numbers of participants  in the law making process stands . In democratic system it should ensure the maximum consent of the public in the lawmaking process .


The form of democracy may be different as per the requirements of any country . It is not necessary that one party system, or two party system and multi party systems are the parameters of democracy . In China one party system can impose democratic values if in the lawmaking process it is ensured to take consent from maximum Chinese people . The election of the one single party in China is also occurs in democratic way as described by the high officials of the China .In 2016 and 2017 , more than 900 million voters participated in elections to people ‘s congresses at the township and and country level- the world’s largest direct election  as white paper issued by China said . However it did not maintain that the congress , both at lower level and at the national level , maximum institutions are rubber stamps . No institution had right to ask any question to communist party policies or in other word it can be said as one party candidate, including for the post of president and Premier , are not uncommon 

In this paper it has been also warned by China that in the name of democracy America is trying to establish its political hegemony  and countries of the world should not blindly follow the democratic patter of America only otherwise it may be problematic and dangerous for those countries . The form of democracy should be in accordance with the cultural diversity and stability of the country . The Chinese official media pointed to India that His political system is chaotic and inefficient to justify . The Chinese published a commentary entitled “Women’s status in China and India : who has human rights and democracy ” authored by a foreign scholar at Beijing’s Renmin University . Chinese women are far superior to those of Indian Women. The white paper entitled “” Democracy that works and published by China’s State Council states CPC leadership is the fundamental guarantees for the whole progress of people . China did not duplicate western model of democracy  

Conclusion : On the basis of the above analysis it can not be said that the American democratic system is perfect and other countries of the world should follow western democratic system. In fact the objective of the democratic government is to make a welfare state . As per the needs of the country on the basis of cultural diversity, democratic system should be adopted and it should be kept in the mind that democracy should not remain a numbers game only. The protection of the interest of minorities (Linguistic, religious, racila etc) must be priory of that democratic system 


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