Joint logistics Node

Joint logistics Node

(GS PAPER- 3, Security Challenges and their Management 



  • To boost tri-service integration and resource Optimisation the chief of Defence staff operationalised a third joint logistics node in Mumbai
  • Government sanction letter for the establishment of joint Logistic note in Mumbai, Guwahati and Port Blair was signed on October 12th 2020
  • The joint Logistic node in Guwahati and tri-service Andaman and Nicobar Command was operationalised on January 1 2021

 About joint logistics node

The nodes are part of the steps toward integrating the three services to ensure increased coordination in tri-service with effectiveness and integration of overall combat capabilities of Indian armed forces the launch of joint structures to deal with Logistical Issues in the three services that already started

 Three important elements of joint logistics node

  • The joint logistics command and control centre
  • The tri-services detachment at the material organisation
  • The tri-services advancement detachment


  • Improve utilisation of resources manpower and remove duplication
  •  It has given the Indian defence forces a much-needed advantage against their adversaries particularly those using the sea route from Pakistan

– Khyati Khare

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