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For Prelims:

What is Khelo India?

For Mains:

GS 2: Youth Development.

What is the significance of Khelo India?

Measures to make Khelo India more effective?

Why in the news

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will declare open Khelo India University Games 2022. The state capital Lucknow, is all set for a spectacular opening ceremony to usher in the Khelo India University Games (KIUG) 2022 Uttar Pradesh (UP), the third edition of what is now India’s biggest multi-sport competition at the higher education level.

What is the Khelo India Initiative?

The Khelo India initiative is a flagship program of the Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It was launched in 2018 with the aim of promoting sports and creating a sports culture at the grassroots level in India. The initiative encompasses multiple components and programs to foster the development of sports in the country.

What is the significance of Khelo India?

  • Grassroots Development: The Khelo India initiative focuses on nurturing talent at the grassroots level by providing a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills. It aims to identify and support talented individuals from a young age, helping them develop into competitive athletes.
  • Inclusivity and Equality: Khelo India aims to provide equal opportunities for participation in sports, irrespective of gender, region, or background. It emphasizes inclusivity and encourages the participation of underprivileged and marginalized sections of society, promoting a more equitable sporting ecosystem.
  • Talent Identification: The initiative plays a vital role in talent identification across the country. Through various competitions, including Khelo India Youth Games, it helps identify promising athletes who can represent India at national and international events.
  • Sports Infrastructure Development: Khelo India focuses on the development of sports infrastructure at the grassroots level. It aims to bridge the gap in sporting facilities by providing financial support for the construction and upgradation of sports infrastructure in schools, colleges, and universities.

Scholarships and Support: The initiative offers financial assistance, scholarships, and other support mechanisms to talented athletes. This helps them pursue their sporting careers without compromising their education and encourages them to excel in their respective sports.

Measures to make Khelo India more effective:

  • Grassroots Programs: Expanding the reach of grassroots programs to remote areas and underserved communities is crucial. Efforts should be made to identify talent from a young age and provide them with training and infrastructure support.
  • Coaching and Training: Enhancing the quality of coaching and training facilities across the country is essential. Establishing coaching academies, providing specialized training programs, and engaging experienced coaches can significantly contribute to the development of athletes.
  • Sports Science and Research: Investing in sports science research and infrastructure can aid in the development of athletes and improve performance. Implementing sports science techniques, including nutrition, sports psychology, and injury prevention, can enhance the overall sporting ecosystem.
  • International Exposure: Providing exposure to international competitions, training camps, and exchange programs for talented athletes can help them gain valuable experience and compete at the global level. Collaborations with international sports organizations can facilitate such opportunities.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Encouraging partnerships with private entities, corporate organizations, and non-profit organizations can bolster the Khelo India initiative. These collaborations can provide additional resources, expertise, and financial support for the development of sports infrastructure and talent.
  • Awareness and Promotion: Continuous awareness campaigns and promotional activities can help generate interest in sports among the youth and encourage participation. Engaging media, social influencers, and sports personalities can play a vital role in spreading the message of Khelo India.


plutus ias current affairs eng med 25th May 2023

Q.1 The Khelo India initiative, launched by the Government of India, focuses on which of the following aspects of sports development in the country?

(a)Grassroots development and talent identification

(b)Infrastructure development for professional sports leagues

(c)Promotion of traditional Indian sports only

(d)Providing financial assistance for international athletes

Answer: (a)

Q.2 Which of the following statements best describes the significance of the Khelo India initiative?

(a)Promoting inclusivity and encouraging the participation of underprivileged sections of society

(b)Encouraging international athletes to participate in Indian sporting events

(c)Establishing professional sports leagues across the country

(d)Focusing solely on elite-level athletes and high-performance training centers

Answer: (a)

Q.3 The Khelo India initiative has played a significant role in promoting sports and nurturing talent in India. Discuss the key objectives and impact of the Khelo India initiative. Also, examine the challenges faced and suggest measures to further strengthen the initiative’s effectiveness in fostering a sporting culture in the country. (15 marks)

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