Local Body Polls: OBC Quota

Local Body Polls: OBC Quota

Local Body Polls: OBC Quota – Today Current Affairs

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Why in News?

The Supreme Court decided to permit Madhya Pradesh to implement 14 percent OBC reservation.

What is the significance of the Supreme Court’s order? The Hindu Analysis

The Supreme Court had previously ordered that the elections be held without an OBC quota since the state had failed to meet the “triple criteria” for establishing such a reservation.

Madhya Pradesh has filed a petition in the court, claiming that the backward class commission had prepared a second report that met the triple-test requirement.

The Court concentrated on OBC reservation at the local body level, keeping in mind the Supreme Court’s maximum reservation restriction of 50%.

For the time being, it also allowed Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission to notify the election schedule for the different local bodies. The Hindu Analysis

The Court has ruled that the social and educational backwardness standards for job and school reservations do not apply to local government reservations.After the decree was passed, Maharashtra’s authorities urged that the same be allowed in their state.

What was the Supreme Court’s decision in the Maharashtra case? The Hindu Analysis

The Maharashtra government had previously been ordered by the Supreme Court to furnish statistics on OBCs to the Maharashtra State Commission for Backward Classes (MSCBC).

The MSCBC proposed to provide a 27 percent quota to OBCs in its interim report after analysing the data. The Hindu Analysis

The Supreme Court, on the other hand, dismissed it, claiming that it had been prepared without empirical facts.

The Maharashtra State Election Commission was ordered by the Supreme Court to notify the election timetable for local bodies based on the previous delimitation exercise.

What is the Supreme Court’s “triple test”? The Hindu Analysis

In 2010, the triple prerequisites for OBC reservation in local bodies were created. It consists of:

A state commission must conduct a thorough empirical investigation into the nature and consequences of the state’s local government capacity deficit.

In light of the commission’s recommendations, specify the percentage of reservations that must be provided locally. The Hindu Analysis

The total number of seats reserved must not exceed 50% of the total number of seats available.

What is the issue with collecting OBC data? The Hindu Analysis

The door-to-door survey does not appear practical for obtaining empirical evidence for granting OBC quota since it may disrupt the state’s social fabric.

The dominating communities questioned the findings of the Karnataka government’s caste census and protested the state government’s decision to make it public.Even the union government, which has the power to undertake a caste census, has refused. The Hindu Analysis

While quotas have proven to be a useful tool for empowerment and justice, competitive politics frequently results in political and governance gridlock.

To avoid reservation programmes becoming divisive, political parties and governments must work together with the judiciary.


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