Lord Nataraja Idol

Lord Nataraja Idol

Lord Nataraja Idol

In News: The intended auctioning of a bronze statue of Lord Nataraja was successfully prevented on Thursday by the Idol Wing CID of the Tamil Nadu Police. The article is related to the daily current affairs of UPSC. 

Relevance for Prelims: Indian Art forms

Relevance for mains: GS -1: Art and Culture


Lord Nataraja

Pic: Statue of Lord Nataraja

About Lord Nataraja 

  • In many Shaivite temples, especially in South India, Nataraja (Lord of the Dance), the Hindu god Shiva in his incarnation as the cosmic dancer, is depicted in metal or stone.
  • It represents a significant work of Chola sculpture.
  • Shiva is portrayed as the origin of all motion in the cosmos and as the deity whose apocalypse dance, symbolized by the arch of flames, occurs with the universe’s eventual destruction at the end of an eon.
  • Shiva’s tangled and wavy hair symbolizes the Ganges River’s current.
  • Shiva is adorned with male and female earring studs on opposite ears. This is frequently referred to as Ardhanarishwar and symbolizes the union of man and female.
  • Shiva has a snake wrapped around his arm. The kundalini power, which lies in the latent stage in the human spine, is symbolized as a snake. One can achieve true consciousness if they are awakened.
  • A nimbus of glowing lights surrounds the Nataraja, representing the endless expanses of time.
  • The drum, which represents the sound of creation, is held in the upper right hand. The powerful sound of the damru is the source of all creation.
  • The eternal fire, which stands in for the devastation, is located in the upper left-hand. Creation’s inevitable opponent and prelude is destruction.
  • In the Abhay mudra gesture, the lower right hand is lifted, bestowing blessings and telling the devotee not to be fearful.
  • The route to redemption is shown by the lower left hand, which points in the direction of the lifted foot.
  • Shiva is dancing around a miniature dwarf. The dwarf represents someone’s ignorance and ego.


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