National safety day

National safety day

(Hindustan Times)


  • National Safety Day is observed on the 4th of March every year, with the objective that increasing awareness regarding workplace safety, road safety, the safety of human health, and the safety of environmental health.
  • It is observed for over a week. Hence, this year the National safety week will be celebrated from 4th Mar 2021 till 10th Mar 2021. 
  • This year, it will highlight safety on roads (Road Safety).


  • National safety day was initiated in 1972. The requirement for observing such a day was argued by the Union ministry of labor and employment during the Industrial safety conference in 1965. 
  • During the conference, the proposal for a National Safety Council was proposed.
  • Since then, 4th March every year marks the formation of the National Safety Council.

National Safety Council:

  • It is a non-profit, tripartite apex body at the national level in India.
  • It is significant in light of rising casualties due to accidents on Indian roads.

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