Need of the development of the modern Science : An essential element for the overall development of the country

Need of the development of the modern Science : An essential element for the overall development of the country

Need of the development of the modern Science – Today Current Affairs

Context : In election-obsessed India, there is hardly any time to discuss the advances of modern science and the repercussions

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Introduction :

  • In India , we see there are various elections conducted almost every month (elections of the provincial government, elections of the panchayat and other civil elections ) and our leaders who spend their maximum time in those elections . Despite spending our maximum time on elections in India , we should spend more time discussing the advances of modern science and their repercussions for public life. There have been such fascinating developments in science and in technology, such as in artificial intelligence, but these have merely been reported and then have quietly faded from public view.
  • We know this fact very well , science is not only essential to our daily life but also it is important for our power. The development of science in an ethical framework is required for the overall development of the country . therefore it should be discussed countrywide but this is our misfortune that we prefer the elections more in comparison to the other constructive activities. The Hindu Analysis.
  • The Need of the development on medical science is also required In modern days , science is essential for the development of society . However , the debate of the development of medicine and the medical science is required
    In foreign countries , the development in the health sector, mainly in Africa is appreciable . In America the research of the kidney transplant from animal to human is very appreciable and the society is not only supporting the medical research but also they came forward strongly for such development
    There are various reports published on January 14, 2022, from the University of Maryland where a team of doctors used the heart of an animal, which had genetically modified features, as a replacement heart on a patient who had run out of available options. By all accounts the operation seems to have been successful.

    Moral and Social Issue: The Hindu Analysis

    Actually , there are various ethical issues regarding the development of medical science that should be discussed properly . In foreign countries the animals are being used for the research and experiment but in India it is very difficult to use animals for the research and development in the medical field because of the several rights of the animals also .
    Our constitution also encourages the development of the scientific temper. (Article 51 A). But since animal right movements abstract such development we should come forward to discuss freely in this regard so that we could also learn about stems from a philosophy of anthropocentrism which places human beings at the center of nature and regards all other living creatures as having only value if they can be of use to humans.
    Animal rights are also related with our value system but we should be more human centricConclusion :
    The development of science is not only essential for the well-being of humans only but also for the well being of the entire nation. The government should think in this regard carefully . Despite being more involved in the elections , our senior leaders should show at least little concern regarding the development of science and technology. Here it should not be argued that elections should be curtailed or only one time election should be conducted. Democracy is also essential for the development of free scientific thinking . Hence , our central level or leaders of high level should not be concerned only on the election, even the election of the local level. Democracy, scientific development, social value system and the ethical value system , all are essential to flourish in a free atmosphere .

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