NEP is a milestone to self-reliant India (GS-2, 3 National education policy ,The hindu)

NEP is a milestone to self-reliant India (GS-2, 3 National education policy ,The hindu)

  • NEP-2020: replaced the National Policy on Education-1986.
Background: there is learning crisis’ in India because of bad learning outcomes

  • According to National Achievement Survey (NAS) which is taken by the National Council of Educational research and Training (NCERT) under HRD ministry says
    • The score of 12 states was significantly below the national average in mathematics ability. 
    • big challenge facing Indian education
  • Objective of the education system:- to prepare children for every opportunity
  • By 2030Achieving the target of 100% Gross Enrolment Ratio (GEER), in school education.
  •  NEP gives highest priority in achieving foundational literacy and numeracy by all students.
  • It focuses more on accessibility, equitability and inclusiveness of the education system but only if implemented at all levels.

Content, Curriculum & Pedagogy

  • The 10+2 structure will  be replaced by a 5+3+3+4 curricular structure
  • ages 3-8
  •  8-11
  •  11-14
  • 14-18 years 
  • Now we will have 12 years of schooling with three years of Anganwadi or pre-schooling.
  • Blending of technology with the teaching and learning process
Why earlier policy has failed

1.Overly optimistic expectations

2.issues in Implementation in dispersed governance

3.Inadequate collaborative policymaking with the stakeholder.

4.Vagaries of the political cycle .


How to successfully implement the NEP

  1. create stakeholder incentives -> implementation is smooth and uniform.

2.Formulate instruments in the form of legal, policy, regulatory and institutional mechanisms to achieve the desired goals.

3.Build reliable information repositories.

  1. HEIs should Develop adaptability  in and across the regulatory bodies and in government agencies as well.

5.Credible transparent actions with participation of all stakeholders;

6.Develop sound principles of management

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