No-Confidence Motion (The Hindu)

No-Confidence Motion (The Hindu)


  • The congress party moved a no-confidence motion against the ruling coalition party in Haryana. 
  • Chief party whips of all the political parties concerned, issued whips to all the legislators to be present in the assembly for the motion.

What is a no-confidence motion:

  • This motion can only be introduced in the Lower House, either in the Lok Sabha against the central govt or in the state Legislative Assembly against the state govt.
  • This motion is introduced in the aforementioned House when the perception inclined towards the fact that the ruling party has lost the majority in the Lower House.

Constitutional mandate:

  • This motion against the Government can only be brought in the Lok Sabha under rule 198 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha.
  • Though the Constitution of India does not mention the word confidence or no-confidence, Article 75 states that the Council of Ministers will be responsible collectively to the Lower House of the Parliament.
  • The motion can be admitted if at least 50 members of the House support the motion in writing.

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