Pegasus : A controversial Spyware and Threat for Internal security

Pegasus : A controversial Spyware and Threat for Internal security

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Context : Justice Minister of Israel pledged a full investigation into allegations that the controversial Pegasus spyware was used on Israeli citizens including people who were protesting against the former government (Prime minister Netanyahu)


Introduction : The Pegasus spyware is a controversial spyware which is used for hacking mobile and computer. In Fact this spyware is used by the security agencies for the security purpose but In India there are many allegations over the Indian government that this spyware is used in the hacking of information of the citizens of India including big leaders , ministers and other big journalists . Now Israeli Government is ready to probe this allegation . Now This things crates moral pressure on Indian government that it  must be probed allegations against it in India also 


What is Pegasus : Pegasus is a surveillance product made by the Israeli company NSO that can turn a mobile into a pocket spying device . Presently this is the subject of controversy that this spyware is being used in some countries on their citizens


How Pegasus Works : Generally , the Pegasus system is fed in the targeted mobile phone or in a computer and it can be fed through any app . Once the spyware is fed it will work automatically and even after the switching off the mobile it will work and it can not be uninstalled once it is inserted in the mobile or computer 


What is controversy in India and How it is a Threat for internal security : The Hindu Analysis

As per the declaration of the NSO and media reports, In India , the mobile phones of some VIPs of India including cabinet ministers , Journalists, Officers of defense sector, and other most important persons  are infected with Pegasus . Who used this spyware in the mobiles of these VVIPs , this is still subject of investigation . As per the NSO, It sells this spyware only to the government . It does not sell this to any private agencies . Then it seems more dangerous in the context of internal security because , Generally Indian government has denied that the government had used it for any purposes besides security. Then who Did This ? This is a big threat to the internal security of India . If the government used it then this is the violation of the right to privacy of any citizen . It is a big threat to Indian democracy also .


Stand of Supreme Court on the issue of Pegasus: The Hindu Analysis

Our honorable Supreme court also instructed the Indian government that the right to privacy of Indian citizens must be protected . SC had formed a committee by former SC judge R V Raveendran to look into the allegations. SC instructed to committee to submit its report with in eight weeks and committee will also give its recommendation regarding the making of frame work so the right to privacy of the Indian citizen could be protected 

On October 27, a three-judge bench of Chief Justice of India N V Ramana and Justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli set up the three-member technical committee, to be overseen by Justice Raveendran.


Conclusion : 

The Pegasus issue has now become the issue of every democratic country . This must be proved whether the  Pegasus is being used for hacking the mobiles and computers of citizens to crush the voice of the protest against the government or not. If it is used by security agencies for security purposes , then Ok but if It is used for crushing the voice of opponents then it is a big threat for democracy  and if the government of India is not aware with this then it is the more dangerous condition for the internal security of India . The government of India must take appropriate action in this regard.

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