“Portrait of a Lady : Work of Gustav Klimt, A renowned Austrian Painter  (GS Paper1 : Art & Culture )

 “Portrait of a Lady : Work of Gustav Klimt, A renowned Austrian Painter  (GS Paper1 : Art & Culture )


Portrait of a Lady, the important work of a great Austrian painter, was lost . After 23 years  this work was again put out to the public in an exhibition in Rome this month . This portrait was in fact had been stolen from an Indian Museum 

About this Painting

  • This painting was discovered in January 2020 . This painting was  hidden inside a Piacenza art gallery’s outer walls

  • Gustav Klimt was not only known for his painting but also for sculptures and drawings. These works of the Klimt would be displayed  by Oct. 27 in an exhibition . this exhibition will be organised in the Museum of Rome(Italy ) 

  • His legendary work of The painting  will be  displayed in Piacenza in April in another exhibition.

  • In fact this painting ‘s discovery was the result of fortune when a gardener at the Piacenza gallery was clearing away ivy. In the beginning he could not understand the things but when he opened a panel door which was in a wall, he saw the painting but could not do any more with this painting . In fact he had found a  plastic bag also in which this painting was there . But later on, when the expert of the paintings saw it then could understand it was the work of Klimt. Then they authenticate that this work was related to Klimt 

  • In this painting, the picture of a lady was painted. Lady was very young and beautiful and sensually glancing over her shoulder against a dreamy, moss green background. As per the view of experts, This work may have been completed in 1917 and after his death Ricci Oddi Gallery got its entire rights in 1925

  • How this painting was stolen and why the thief had stolen it , these questions are still answered . Whether this work has been stolen or not it is also unclear. One theory holds that whoever stole it might have hidden it there waiting for the news of the sensational theft to quiet down, but for some reason never retrieved it.

About Gustav Klimt

  • A renowned Austrian Symbolist painter who had been politician also Gustav Klimt took birth on (July 14, 1862 at Baumgarten, near Vienna, 

  • He had 7 brothers and sisters . He was second elder among all childerns . All three sons displayed artistic talent early on paintings only 

  • In his early life he had to face many difficulties and he lived in very poor condition 

  • His father was a gold engraver.

  • His contribution could be observed in the versatile field of art . He was an expert of paintings, murals, sketches, and other art objects. 

  • Klims was expert at exposing the beauty and sensuality of women through his painting . His works have been recognised as the work of eroticism . he painted some nude picture of female

  •  He was died in February 6, 1918

  • nowhere is this more apparent than in his numerous drawings in pencil .

Work of Gustav Klimt

The Kiss, Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer I, The Tree of Life, Apple Tree I, Mother and Child, Lady With Fan, Beech Forest Buchenwald I, The Dancer, Water Serpents II, Water Serpents IJudith I 1901, Garden Path With Chicken



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