Role of Indira Gandhi in strengthening India as a nation  (GS Paper I : History : India’s after independence)

Role of Indira Gandhi in strengthening India as a nation  (GS Paper I : History : India’s after independence)

Context : Today is the 105 birthday anniversary of our legendary prime minister of India . She was the first lady prime minister of India who not only strengthened Indian strategically but also economically. Country is celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of this Iron lady . 19th November is also known as Quami Ekta Divas (national integration Day )

Indira Gandhi, our ex prime minister of India not only uplifted the status of common people of India but she played the most important role in solving various internal threats for security but also she weakened Pakistan through its disintegration (With the formation of Bangladesh) . 

When Indira Gandhi became the prime minister of India , India was facing various problems in the field of security as well as in the field of economy. We were completely dependent on the import of the grains . 

Internally , India was facing the problem of communal conflict. Indira strengthened the concept of secularism and she fought for secularism throughout  entire life and she sacrificed herself fighting for national integration . His last speech can be quoted in this regard “Every drop of blood that is in me will give life to India and strengthen it.”

Through her last speech, she requested Indians to keep peace , nation is above any religion and India is the country of all religions and all religions are free to flourish without any restrictions so as not to encourage communal conflict or violence . 

She emphasized how to remove this poverty because she knew very well that economical gap could weaken India , without reducing this economical gap nation could never be strong so she focused to eliminate poverty and to full fill this economical gap she nationalised all the banks of India 

She knew the importance of science and technology for a nation , so she focused on the improvement of scientific research and development . 

America, during that time was supporting Pakistan in every external affairs and India had not dared to do anything against America because India was dependent over the aid of America (Mainly on food) . Indira decided to increase the food production inside the India and through Green Revolution she succeeded to increase food production rapidly.production of the food incerad up to 35 %.  After being self-sufficient in food production , India could take action against Pakistan during the disintegration of Bangladesh .

Apart from this , social cohesion was tending towards decline .  fissiparous tendencies based on culture, language , race , script , religion were flourishing once again (mainly in kashmir, Punjab and North east). Indria had to take bold steps with courage and conviction to curtail these disintegrable tendencies . Big opponent of Indira ji , Dr Ram Manohar Lohia who used to say Indira Gandhi as Goongi Gudia now people started to equate  Indira ji with Durga (Protector from evils), the only men in his cabinet, Iron lady etc. 

Conclusively , the efforts and measures taken by India ji to consolidate India as a nation were incredible and commendable . She knew that the strength of India is “Unity in Diversity” She knew that extremism (Extremist ideologies of RSS and Muslims or Sikh organisations) is the big threat for Nation it should be completely curtailed so she had to take bold stamps even though in this process she had to give her life. 

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