Saffronising education : overhauling of Macaulay system of education: A Critical Analysis 

Saffronising education : overhauling of Macaulay system of education: A Critical Analysis 

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Context : At the occasion of inauguration of the South Asian Institute of Peace and Reconciliation, on the Dev Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya campus in Haridwar, Uttarakhand,, Indian vice president stated that the reevaluation and the overhauling of the  Macaulay system of education is requiring . during his address to the students and the professors of the university, He stated that Macaulay system of education produces in us a sense of inferiority, replaces our traditional education in the bhashas with the alien curricula of the English, gives us a colonial mindset, makes us ignorant of our heritage, and, most of all, disconnects us from the rich body of ideas and philosophies that constitute our ancient civilization.

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Introduction : 

  • Modern education system is known as the Macaulay education system in the name of Macaulay, a British law member of the executive council of governor general of India (Charter Act 1832). It is correct that the basic objectives of the British education system to justify their rule in India and to transform the Indian mindset in the favor of British rule .To establish their cultural hegemony was the prime objective of the British education system. Apart from it , They (British) wanted to create communal breach to protect  British rule from emerging nationalism. The Hindu Analysis.
  •  Definitely, after independence, we should transform the British education system and we have been doing it for a long time. But during the transformation of the Macaulay education system, we have to find out the flaws and then substitute those elements of the education system which are obstacles in front of our overall development, in front of our national pride, in front of our ancient glorified culture. But simultaneously , we should analyze whether this transformation of the education system is tending towards saffronisation of education or not . Praising and glorifying ancient culture is a good step but criticizing medieval culture would create communal breach which would be harmful for nationalism. Today Current affairs.
  •  If saffronisation really means Indianisation, it would include both the orthodox and the heterodox traditions of India, the Brahmanical schools and their Buddhist and Jaina challenges. It would include the great architectural practices of the Mughals well as the Sufi and Bhakti movements. Indianisation would have many colors besides saffron.

Saffronisation of education :  The Hindu Analysis

  • Saffron color  is the symbolic color of the Hindu culture in modern days. However Saffron color  has been the symbol of India’s freedom struggle fought by our ancestors of different religions but British, gradually creating communal breach among us. Therefore if saffornisation of education means praising of only ancient Indian culture, Hinduism , ignoring its evils , ignoring Muslim art and architecture , ignoring science and technology during medieval period ,ignoring inclusive ideas of the cultural development , ignoring pluralism, then it  should not be acceptable .
  • Education system for the upliftment of the status of deprived people, minimizing the economic gap between different classes, minimizing social and religious gap must be appreciated and promoted but if any education system based on communalism must be criticized. communalism is the big threat for national integrity , therefore in any form it should neither be promoted nor be accepted

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Conclusion : On the basis of above analysis it can be said as the Macaulay education system must be revised in the favor of the interest of India as a nation . Macaulay did not only play an important role in the education system but also he transformed Indian Penal code also. It is surprising , we discuss the Macaulay’s education system but ignore the old penal code formed by Macaulay to suppress the voice of opponents on the ground of patriotism . Definitely, the reforms are the obvious and gradual process of the society so transformation of the education system is also required. But it should not hamper communal harmony. It should be progressive in its nature and should be helpful to strengthen India as a nation


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