Samantha Ruth Prabhu : An Actress as well as Social Worker  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Samantha Ruth Prabhu : An Actress as well as Social Worker  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )


Samantha Ruth Prabhu an Indian Telugu actress recently posted her video on instagram in which she is making the painting.  She is a good painter. In fact, the objective of this video is to engage with the community and use art as a medium to heal and bring people together and promote hope.

About Samantha Ruth Prabhu 

  • She was born in Chennai in 1987

  • She was awarded many times with several awards like the film fair award, Nandi Awards, South Indian International Movie Award 

  • Apart from being an actress, she is running an NGO also Pratyusha Support, to provide medical support for women and children 

  • She donates her earnings from endorsements, product launches, and inauguration events to support the foundation. She has founded and owns the women’s clothing brand Saaki

  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a good and well-known Telugu actress as well as a good painter 

  • She used large canvas for her painting 

  • In fact, through her painting, she wanted to support those painters who are facing the economic problem because of this corona pandemic 

  • The tile of her wok is Hope Kosmos

This artwork of Samatha will be showcased as part of an exhibition organized by Shrishti Art Gallery. This exhibition would be unique where many painters and the artist would be called and all of them will paint on the large canvas 

  • Besides Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Shilpa Reddy will also be participating in that exhibition

  • The proceedings of this artwork will be sold and the money earned from that will be used in the financial assistant of those artists who is facing economic problems during this pandemic 

  • Although Samantha is not a good painter from her profession and  her hobby is painting and in this picture posted by Samantha it is clearly shown that she is new in the world of painting 

  • The work of the Hyderabad-based great artist Manohar is definitely appreciable who composed paintings, sculptures, and installations where he looked to depict mundane subjects through visual means, as per 

About Shrishti Art Gallery

  • It is one of the oldest art galleries of Hyderabad

  • Shrishti Art Gallery was set up in 2002 by Remani Nambiar, an Ikebana practitioner and Ikebana teacher. 

  • The basic objective of this art gallery is to bring to light the works of contemporary artists, this art gallery fosters art exhibitions, art camps, and workshops on a regular basis. 

Definitely, the work of the actors and the actress should be definitely appreciable. They are paying their duty for society also. At least they understand the significance of the dying art and they are trying to uplift the status of the painters and other artisans during this time of the corona pandemic. 

 Samantha Ruth Prabhu is playing an important role not only in the field of Telugu Cinema but also in paying her duty for the society also through her NGOs and other social institutions. The work of the collection of money through the painting for the artisans or painters of India is definitely should be ideal for other Actors who earned money and fame because of this society 

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