Saving biodiversity, securing earth’s future ( GS-3, The Hindu, Environment)

Saving biodiversity, securing earth’s future ( GS-3, The Hindu, Environment)


Context:- 5th June environment day which shows the commitment of humanity towards preservation of the environment. COVID-19 pandemic and increasing climate change shows the divergence of humanity from the environment.

Value of forest:-

  • estimates suggest our forests alone may yield services worth more than a trillion rupees per year.
  • Globally, we have lost 7% intact forests since 2000
  • Climate change and the ongoing pandemic will put additional stresses on our natural ecosystems
  • Preserving biodiversity is directly relevant to the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of our people

What india is doing:-

  • PMSTIAC in consultation with the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change and other Ministries approved an ambitious National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well­Being (NMBHWB)

National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well­Being (NMBHWB)

  • The Mission will strengthen the science of restoring, conserving, and sustainably utilising India’s natural heritage
  • establish a citizen and policy ­oriented biodiversity information system
  • enhance capacity across all sectors for the realisation of India’s national biodiversity targets
  • Mission will allow India (home to nearly 8% of global biodiversity on just 2.3% of global land area
  • The pandemic has exposed the dysfunctional relationship between humanity and nature.
    • the emergence of infectious diseases
    • Lack of food and nutritional security
    • rural unemployment; and climate change
    •  with all its stresses on nature, rural landscapes
  • The Mission offers
    •  a holistic framework
    •  integrated approaches
    • widespread societal participation.
  • Mission programmes will offer nature­based solutions to numerous environmental challenges, including degradation of rivers, forests, and soils, and ongoing threats from climate change, 
  • “One Health” programme, integrating human health with animal, plant, soil and environment.
  • Additional programmes, directed at food and nutritional security, will in turn also influence public health outcomes

Way forward:-

  • we need a strong and extensive cadre of human resources.
  • training professionals of the highest calibre in sustainability
  • Investment in civil society outreach.

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