Significant of Lokayukta and Lokpal for the good governance : An analysis in special context to Kerala 

Significant of Lokayukta and Lokpal for the good governance : An analysis in special context to Kerala 

Significant of Lokayukta and Lokpal for the good governance – Today Current Affairs

Context : Recently a controversy has evolved regarding the powers of Lokpal.In Kerala . The Government of Kerala has brought an  amendment to the Lokayukta Act of Kerala through an ordinance. The opposition political parties are criticizing this amendment 


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Introduction : The issue of Lokpal and Lokayakta is not new. This has been in the debate for long time (From the time of the Indira Gandhi’s regime) and the requirement of new Lokpal bill at central level was demanded by the people of India and the big protest was launched in this regard during 2011 under the leadership of Anna Hazare and this protect got huge support of public. Infact , the Lokpal and Lokayakta exist in some states of India but the debate is there regarding the power of the Lokayakyta in the country. How far Lokayakta succeeded to curtail the corruption from the state and how far Lokayukta is free from the control of the government .


History of the Lokpal and Lokayukta bill : The Hindu Analysis

The term Lokpal is not new for the country In fact, this term was first used in a report of the Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Morarji Desai as far back as in 1966.  The first Bill on Lokpal was introduced in the Lok Sabha in 1968 which lapsed with the dissolution of the House.During the time of UPA government against the various types of the corruption were exposed and a demand of the Lokpal bill was raised by the public under the leadership of Anna hazare. Therefore UPA government had to bring a weak lokpal bill in 2013 . this act says “An Act to provide for the establishment of a body of Lokpal for the Union and Lokayukta for States to inquire into allegations of corruption against certain public functionaries….”It can be interpreted as a body which will inquire into allegations of corruption, called Lokpal 


Some flaws of the Lokpal Bill : The Hindu Analysis

The Lokpal bill sometimes looks like a thread with the judiciary . The Lokpal is headed by the retired judge of the supreme court  and however it is not its legislative body. Presently it consists of the 8 members all are from Judiciary . The Lokpal will investigate all the allegations related to corruption and has jurisdiction to investigate the allegations against the Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Group A, B, C and D officers and officials of the central government. But after the conviction , Lokpal can not ask the president to remove the prime minister .

The appointment of Lokayaukta and Lokpal would be done by the government . how far lokpal would be impartial to the government , still there’s a question in this regard. The lokpal and Lokayuta were appointed in many states by the legislature of that state . For example, Maharashtra in 1971, and Kerala in 1999.


In Kerala the issue of Lokayukta : The Hindu Analysis

Kerala government had amended section 14 of the Lokayukta act of kerala , In which the provision was that the public servant including Chief minister  who  is alleged or accused of any corruption , should resign from his office immediately . Now this section is amended 


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Significance : In fact , Lokpal and Lokayukta are the tools to curtail the corruption of the state. But Every government o, whether of state or of centers are not ready to make the Lokpala or lokayukta powerful and efficient and all the government want to keep this institution under their control. Hence a huge debate regarding the efficiency and accountability of the Lokpal and Lokayukta is required . Some states like Gujrat did not appoint Lokayukta for a long time and the Lokpal of central level looks complex , inefficient and a puppet of the central government . A free and independent Lokapl is highly needed at every level of the governance to check the corruption 


Conclusion : 

Corruption is the big obstacle in front of the progress of any country. It must be reduced but it can be reduced if there must be any independent investigation agency to investigate the allegations related to corruption . but the government would never do this thing. Big debate is required for the functioning and power of the Loklpal and the lokayukta. 


In this article we mention all information about Significant of Lokayukta and Lokpal for the good governance  Today Current Affairs.


Source : The Hindu (Editorial)

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