Sikh Separatism : Must be  eliminated completely

Sikh Separatism : Must be  eliminated completely

Sikh Separatism : Must be eliminated completely – Today Current Affairs

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For the last few days , It has been observed that the Sikh separatism is still alive however it is now feeble, but vigilance is essential. The incident of the Patiala riot and the incident of the Dharamshala show that the elements of the Punjab separatism are still active . These elements must be oppressed quickly and there are still some forces which are promoting these activities 

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For internal  security it is essential the elimination of any separatist movement. Punjab separatist movement , however had been ended by the Rajiv–Longowal Accord on 4 July 1985. But It this movement has been operating continuously from abroad . Pakistan is supporting such type of separatist movement for taking revenge of the disintegration of Bangladesh . Indian security agency must be alter in this regard 

 What is the issue of Khalistan : The Hindu Analysis

  • Khalistan is a Sikh separatist movement which demands for the Sikh state to be separated from India. In that proposed state the region of the Punjab of India and the Punjab of Pakistan , both are included . However indirectly Pakistan is supporting this movement. The Hindu Analysis
  • This movement started in 1983 after the control of Golden temple by religious militant leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. In this golden temple, he organized his armed forces and challenged the sovereignty of the Indian government . Our Prime minister Indira Gandhi successfully tackled this situation and through the operation blue star the Golden temple was besieged and freed . Therefore , in the process of the protection of the integrity and the sovereignty of India , we have to sacrifice our beloved prime minister Indira Gandhi and she was assassinated by her own Sikh bodyguards. But up to the 1990s this movement had been almost eliminated. But once again, through some incident is is alarming our internal security 

What are the recent incident : The Hindu Analysis

  • One incident happened in Patiala when the communal riots started when some Hindu people were raising the slogan of the Khalistan Murdabad. Police actively arrest all the culprit and the investigation is continuing 
  • Another incidents occurred in Himachal Pradesh Assembly complex in Dharamshala where Purported flags of imaginary Khalistan were put up on the gate of the complex, and slogans scrawled on the walls. However police took immediate action in this regard  On the same day, the police in Punjab said they had averted a terror attack after arresting two men, said to be Khalistani sympathizers, with explosives in Tarn Taran district. A U.S.-based Khalistani separatist have been charged in Himachal Pradesh under the UAPA and the Indian Penal Code. The Hindu Analysis
  • But this is the misfortune of India that every incidents is tried to be politicized . In fact this time this Khalistan movement is managing from the land of Canada . Australia and other European countries . 


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What measures should be adopted to eliminate this separatist movement 

Since this movement has been almost ended from the land of India but it is still alive on the foreign land , these separatist are working abroad and they are planning to conduct referendum in India regarding separatism . But it is almost impossible because the Indian Sikh community is too loyal to the country and they believe in national integration . Many people from the Punjab had participated in the national movement and fought for the integrity of India . There are some people funded by Pakistan abroad who are creating the problem. The following measures should be adopted to eliminate them completely 

  • Government should pressurize those countries not to encourage such separatist movement on their land. The Hindu Analysis
  • Government should not tolerate any type of this incidents and the culprit of the separatism must be immediately strictly punished 
  • Government should ensure not to free and illegal flow of the foreign currencies to Punjab for such illegal activities. The Hindu Analysis
  • Government of India and the Punjab should work together in this regard
  • Government should eliminate the illegal trade of the Drugs in Punjab , because this trade of the drugs is also involved such type of separatist movement 

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As per the above discussion , however the Khalistan issue had been during the decade of 1990s but recent incidents of the Patiala and the Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh are alarming us that the forces of the separatism is still alive . Government should take strong action and eliminate these forces completely before they become more effective . All the political parties should work together for the interest of India as a nation. 


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Source : The Hindu 


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