Special Course Details

Course Details


Current Affairs

    Plutus IAS conducts special Current and Static Affairs classes of 1.5 hrs Every week.
    Related Study Material will be given to each candidate in PDF Form of 15-20 pages on a daily & weekly basis
    Special class discussions will be conducted regarding current events with the respective faculty to clear raised doubts

*Course Fee – ₹5000


Mains Test

    Plutus IAS assigns 2 Test papers weekly.
    Total Number of Questions will be 20.
    After submitting the test papers the evaluation part will be done by our faculty and the corrected answer sheet with explanations will be available for every candidate accordingly.

*Course Fee – ₹15,000


Essay on Current Affairs Issue

    Essay writing will be given on 3 topics on a weekly basis.
    It will be based on Current affairs and candidates have to answer in essay format.
    Answer sheets will be submitted in PDF Form to respective faculties.
    Reviews for answer sheets submitted will be given by teachers with corrections.

*Course Fee -₹6,000


Complete Ethics Module +Class Test

    Plutus IAS conducts Ethics, Integrity and aptitude classes online. Proper recordings will be provided for the sessions conducted.
    Plutus IAS assign notes in PDF form on a daily basis.
    Class Tests will be conducted by Plutus IAS Faculty.
    Verification & Evaluation will be done by Teachers

*Course Fee – ₹7,000

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