Stand of India in UNSC regarding Ukraine Russian Conflict : An Analysis

Stand of India in UNSC regarding Ukraine Russian Conflict : An Analysis

Stand of India in UNSC regarding Ukraine Russian Conflict- Today Current Affairs

Context :   India called for quit diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of the Russia- Ukraine tension . India’s permanent representative to the UN also called for the immediate de escalation of the situation while taking into account the security interest of All 


Introduction : Russia Ukraine conflict has been going on for a long time when Ukraine demanded itself to be a part of NATO. Russia had mobilized its troop of 10000 soldiers at the border of Ukraine . To resolve this problem the UN security council is scheduled to meet on 6th Feb 2022 for the first time on Russia’s troop buildup and threatening actions against Ukraine at the request of the United States , and all key players are expected to square off in public . Russia will preside the meeting of security council

In this regard , India and Russia hold a discussion on the UN security Council agenda . The discussion came in the backdrop of tension between Russia and Ukraine over possible eastward expansion by NATO 


India’s stands: The Hindu Analysis

India seeks peaceful resolution of the Russia Ukraine Crisis through sustained diplomatic effort. Apart from close strategic ties with both the countries Russia and Ukraine, India is always concerned about many Indians who are residing in Ukraine . Many Indians are residing in Ukraine as students in various medical colleges . Generally India believes in international peace and nonviolence  . In the perception of India, a peaceful resolution for the Ukraine-Russia tension is essential and it is cleared by India that in the security council she will support the steps which would reduce the tension between the two . 

In UNSC, Russia and China tried to block discussion while 10 UNSC members including US, UK and France voted in favor of the discussion. India was among three countries along with Kenya and Gabon to abstain, in a bid to maintain its neutral position and not side with either block 

In fact, Russia has been a strategic partner of India for a long time , for the time of the USSR . On many occasions, USSR had supported India and favored India during the Bangladesh war but after globalization and the disintegration of the USSR , India tilted towards the US also. India has never supported the aggression of any country . India believes in peaceful negotiation but advocates the adoption of any means to establish peace and maintenance of the security of  any country / foreign policy should not be fixed  . It changes as per the interest of the country. Country’s interest is first in the foreign policy of India 


India Ukraine relation: The Hindu Analysis


India has an extensive bilateral relationship with Ukraine, spanning all spheres of cooperation. India was one of the first countries to recognize Ukraine. The Government of India recognized the Republic of Ukraine as a sovereign country in December 1991 and established diplomatic relations in January 1992.


Conclusion and Way forward: The Hindu Analysis

India will never want to spoil its relationship with Russia . This crisis put pressure from democratic countries and developed countries over India to oppose Moscow . Therefore India should take steps wisely .

 It was Russia who supported India during the time of Covid crisis. Even during 2014, India indirectly supported the Russian annexation of the Crimea and abstained from a United Nations resolution upholding Ukraine’s territorial integrity. 

Russia has also been a top arms supplier to India which risked U.S. sanctions by purchasing a Russian S-400 missile defense system. Moscow played an important role to make this world multipolar otherwise after the disintegration of the USSR world had become unipolar.   

This, too, makes India more likely to stay quiet about Russia’s actions in Ukraine and elsewhere. India would be silent and neutral in this matter . Even though more Russian aggression would be the cause of the economic sanction over India which  would also present obstacles for India’s defense trade with Russia. India should use any steps protecting its interest first.


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Source : The Hindu, Indian Express 

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