Structural reforms for NEP 2020

Structural reforms for NEP 2020

  • What more need to do
    • There should be the Emphasis 
      • on the need for restructuring of  the governing bodies for universities and autonomous colleges.
        • Changes must be made in the system of appointments of vice-chancellors, governing councils and  the key authorities for any university.
      • Though NEP talks about creating new structures for the governance in higher education, such as a Board of Management, to replace the syndicate system. 
        • But implementation will the key where State governments must bring in bold reforms
    • Another Big issue is accountability of faculty or researches
      • Effective way to ensure 
        • Placing an institutional structure of ‘academic audit’.

Way Forward:  

To  improve the higher education ecosystem and make it more robust, excellence in teaching, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and social contribution must be encouraged. 

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