The concept of Good Governance : Tools to achieve it – In special reference to India  GS Paper II, Essay , Paper I  Source – The Hindu , Indian Express 

The concept of Good Governance : Tools to achieve it – In special reference to India  GS Paper II, Essay , Paper I  Source – The Hindu , Indian Express 

The concept of Good Governance- Today Current Affairs

Context : Today is the 98th birth anniversary of Ex Prime Minister of India late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee . India is celebrating this day as the Sushasan day (The day of Good governance) . 

Introduction : 

The concept of good government is related to several features of governance . These features are  participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive and follows the rule of law. In good governance , the corruption must be minimum and the transparency of the governance must be maximum . responsibility and accountability are another feature of the good governance 

 The History of Good governance: The Hindu Analysis

The concept of good governance is not new for India . In ancient India, this concept was very popular . The concept of Ram rajya , in fact , is the concept of good governance . Good governance can be identified with its output which should be measured on the parameter of Happiness . One of the oldest full fledged empires of the world Mauryan Empire followed the concept of good governance despite its despotic and autocratic nature of the monarchy . but it ensured the maximum happiness of the people . In Arthashastra it has been written 

 (प्रजा-सुखे सुखम् राज्ञः प्रजानाम् तु हिते हितम्, न आत्मप्रियम् हितम् राज्ञः प्रजानाम् तु प्रियम् हितम् ।). 

In the happiness of the people lies the happiness of the king, he should see his own interest in the interest of the people. The king’s interest is not in what he likes, his interest is in what the people like.

Similarly the administration of Ancient India tried to reach on maxum public welfare through good governance . 

Tools to good governance: The Hindu Analysis

  • In culturally diversified countries extreme democracy and federalism is only tool to provide public welfare and therefore for the good governance , enhancing of democratic values , transparency, accountivity are prerequisite of the good governance .

  • In Indian Context, our maximum governance must be transparent through the use of technology and through strengthening RTI acts 

  • Government should ensure maximum participation of the public in any policies related to public.

  • In democratic countries the rule of Law based on equality must be implemented properly. 

  • Hate speeches must be strictly prohibited because it could create conflict in society and the Government should never tolerate such  speeches. Offenders of such crimes should be treated strictly. This is unfortunate of India , sometime for the political benefits , our politicians encourages such types of speeches for polarizing the vote bank.

  • Equity and inclusiveness are also important tools to achieve good governance. No portion of the society should be left behind in the process of development. It also should be ensured by the government.


As per the above discussion , it can be concluded that good governance is an ideal and the government should achieve the maximum level of good governance by using the above tools . There are some obstacles and hurdles also in front of good governance like communalism, hate speeches and communal violence and riots etc. The concept of good governance is indegeneous concept so government should protect , preserve and enhance this concept by proving maximum transparency (Strengthening RTI), accountivity , participation (Strengthening democratic values ) and reducing corruption and we should measure the output of the good governance on the parameter of HDI and happiness index and Hunger Index etc. On the basis of these parameters , we can measure where we are in the affairs of good governance . Then we can re-evaluate our tools for achieving good governance . 


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