The czar of brinkmanship must seek peace (The Hindu, International Relations, GS-2)

Context:- The recent stand-off between Russia and Ukraine is again capturing  headlines in the international news media. This time Russia is piling up the army in west Asia near to the Ukraine border, therefore Ukraine is apprehensive again about the conflict.

  • History
      • Ukraine was the part of soviet, due to the disintegration ukraine became independent and in 2014 ukraine’s black sea portion was annexed 
  • Now what is the issue:-
      • Issue is that russia is piling up forces on the western border, this is creating an apprehension in the ukraine
      • Ukraine is not the member of NATO organisation but still ukraine was called for the security dialogue which further created a rift in ukraine and russia
      • Russia thinks that she can be invaded by NATO forces and due to this she is flexing her muscles.
  • Rift in west asia
    • Now Hamas strikes on Israel and Israel retaliates on it with full force.
    • Iran seems to support hamas and USA seems to support israel.
    • Russia inarguably will support to hamas.
    • Turkey which is a bluffing partner is now with HAMAS and this is creating a new rift
    • Turkey which is seems along with russia in the new adventure is on the side of UKRAINE.

Swarn Singh

Plutus IAS Current Affair Team

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