The Painting depicting Communal harmony  (GS paper 1 , Art and Culture 

The Painting depicting Communal harmony  (GS paper 1 , Art and Culture 


Muslim woman painter named Jasna Salim, a 28-year old homemaker  belongs from Kerela.

dedicates her   paintings to Lord Krishna painting in Hindu temple. She had made more than 500 of little Lord Krishna and all her was dedicated to lord Krishna. These type of works should be appreciable on large scale . In modern scenario where the hatred atmosphere is continuously spreading in that scenario her work must be recognised we should learn from her regarding communal harmony 

About Jasna Salim Work

  • Belonging from kozhikode , kerala

  • She has three sisters . She is the youngest among them . the name of her other two sisters are  of Majeed and Sophia, 

  • She was fondly called ‘Kannaa’ by her parents and other family members. 

  •  The paintings of Lord Krishna are now days one of the most popular painting among all god and goddess of Hinduism

  • Since her art were was related to idol worship therefore she could not keep these painting with herself so she had to   gift these paintings  to the famed Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple in Thrissur

  • But, all these things could never demoralised her spirit and passion towards painting

  • Since she belongs from a  conservative Muslim family of  Koyilandy of Kerala district so it created lot of obstacles infrom of her work 

  • Acceptance of these painting by the Hinu temple Ulanadu Sree Krishna Swamy temple, located near Pandalam in Pathanamthitta districts also an appreciable works which strengthened definitely the communal harmony in our society 

  •  Since she was Muslims so she was prohibited to enter any temple so it was very difficult the deity 

  • It was not easy for her to give her painting to the temple . In kerala orthodux Muslims opposed her on every level . 

  • The temple authorities after seeing a picture dedicated to the Guruvayur temple by her during the last Janmashtami. 

  • Many other Hindu temples have demanded his painting .  A Pune-based devotee group wanted to offer a little Krishna painting to the village temple and they wanted Salim to draw it. As there is no ban on non-Hindus to go inside the village shrine, the Muslim artist could visit the temple in person and present her artwork to the deity. Interestingly, all her paintings, whether done on canvas or glass, are of only one theme- infant Krishna with his butter pot. 

  • “As a member of a conservative Muslim family, she  never had the chance to learn the stories of Krishna or see his images. She  has  not even seen the TV serials on Krishna. She  began to paint Lord Krishna quite accidentally,” 

  • It started when she was drawing it . Her family members also opposed it . Even her husband advised her to destroy it. But because of strong will power she had decided to do this work 

  • In fact , lord krishna has become famous among Muslims also. Great Krishna devotee Raskhan who has written hundred of the poems in regards to Krishna . In fact in Hinduism krishna is considered as the symbol of love and affection . The radha Krishna idols are very popular and everywhere in the temple we observe the radha Krishna temple . We should observe the art work beyond religious orthodoxy . 

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