The poor state of the Indian state

The poor state of the Indian state

Pandemic shows the inability of indian state:

  • Strong states are based on three pillars.
    •  They are built upon the support from the people
    • A strong administrative machinery to provide stability, continuity and deliver public services to all citizens.
    • managerial ability to shape and implement change required with the time.
  • What do builders of strong states do?
    • They have bound people around a shared identity which may be  ethnic, racial, or religious
    • The citizens’ identity cannot be formed by constitutions. 
    • uniting Indians around a shared ethnic or religious identity is hard
      • Because  of the diversity among India’s races and religions
      • There are also entrenched caste divisions.
  • Bureaucracy
    • provide stability and compliance with rules
    •  it was not equipped to shape change and the third most requirement of a good developmental state.
  • What states must do?
    • perform functions primarily for its poorest citizens 
      • for economic growth to be sustainable and equitable
  • How GDP does not reflect the situation in the state
    • Because it fundamentally excludes many things such as disparity in income, inequality among people and their vulnerability to cause.
    • What must be included
      • Economic justice
      •  environmental sustainability
      • improvement of the dignity of all citizens must be measured along with achievement in the people’s aspiration.
  • Way Forward
    • India must be built as a strong and good state. 
      • This requires: 
        • political leaders->who unite all Indians
        •  business leaders who are not just wealth creators for themselves , but creators of opportunities
    • Political leaders +  administrators + business leaders must shared vision-> i.e. india to be a strong and good state

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